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  1. I love the new iOS redesign and especially the shortcut keys. However, whenever I load next/previous text via the shortcut keys (ctrl -/+) the text resets to Gen. 1:1 instead of staying at the current verse as it would if I manually switched texts. If I have a secondary window and switch it's text version (ctrl shift -/+) it stays at the current verse as expected. Is this a bug, or is there a reason for this behavior?
  2. I have a large number of modules (texts and tools) on my MacBook Air, and I do not want all of them on my iPhone or iPad. It is tedious to search through the folders to find the modules I would to synch. It would be a great help to be able to search and find. Thank you very much!
  3. I don’t know about you, but I still love reading my physical copy of the Bible. However, there are times that I like to view notes, alternate translations, or original languages. How great would it be to open Accordance (even better, tap the Accordance widget) on my phone, capture the text in the camera, and watch Accordance pull up my preferred tools immediately, or maybe a hyperlinked list of entries?
  4. GPauley

    Hebrew iOS

    Does accordance offer any Hebrew learning apps for iOS? Does anyone recommend an app that is more than just vocab?
  5. Michael J. Bolesta

    bug: missing line in table or text

    When I read in the portrait view, I occasionally note a missing line in a table (see example from Decker's Greek grammar). I have observed this in a Biblical text as well. This occurs on both of my iOS devices: Accordance for iOS 2.7.3 [iOS 10.3.3 iPad 4th generation], [iOS 12.1.1 iPhone XS] The line for accusative singular (AS) is missing. Turning the iOS device to landscape mode and back to portrait restores the correct display of the data.
  6. I often read a tool on my iPad (less frequently on my iPhone), and wish to bookmark a spot. Recently it seems that tapping and selecting a word in a tool does not bring up the contextual menu: I have to quit Accordance for iOS, restart, and then I can select a word, bringing up the menu: Accordance for iOS 2.7.3 [iOS 10.3.3 iPad 4th generation], [iOS 12.1.2 iPhone XS]
  7. Ιακοβ

    Three panels for iOS?

    I've been using my iPad for study now for a few weeks, aside from the major problem with browsing to switch resources which I outlined in a previous post,1 there does seem to be another super annoying problem. For me, the next biggest problem is that I can't open three panels at once. Obviously it would be better to be able to open more than 3—but two is just not enough. I say this, because my most common use case is to: "Read the Hebrew/Greek, with a reasonably literal English translation, and a commentary alongside". Because there are only two panels, I have to continually flick between resources while I am half way through reading a verse to check a translation, a word, or a commentary note connected to a question in the original language. I am guessing a work around, once iOS 11 comes out, will be the split screen, i.e We could probably split screen Accordance and Logos side by side so you can see three panels at once. iOS 11 can't come soon enough [1]: The 'recently used' list/screen never contains what I am looking for, and is often too long anyway, so searching is generally quicker, so the 'recently used' list/screen seems to always just get in the way by adding extra taps to the process of switching resources
  8. When I search for a word in a Bible text, I need to be able to scroll past the last verse so that the second pane can show the information for the last verse of the search results. Instead, when I scroll to the last verse and then release, it bounces back to fill the white space in the bottom of the pane, which makes the parallel pane jump back to the previous verse. The only way to make the second pane sync to the last verse is to make the 1st pane so small that it doesn't bounce back after scrolling. See this video for an explanation of my problem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmvqa1qxno8620w/Acc%20iOS%20Scroll%20Sync%20Bug.MOV?dl=0
  9. dpotgeter

    Greek Diagramming on iOS

    Hi, Does anyone know if the Greek Diagram module will be available for iOS in the future? Thank you! Doug
  10. While using the iOS app is there a way to do a search in a Bible and then return to where I was after the list of results is shown? I cannot seem to figure out how to do this. For instance, I'm in the ESV on my iPad in Psalm 40. I do a word search for "rejoice [range romans]". I see a list of results. I cannot figure out how to return to where I started in Psalm 40. It seems I'm forced to go through the Bible passage chooser to navigate my way back to Psalm 40 after each search. There has to be a better way, right?
  11. lettlander

    Handwritten notes in iOS

    Don't know if this has been requested before, but since I got my Apple Pencil, I love taking notes on the actual text itself. For now, I simply screenshot the Accordance iOS app and work in a separate note-taking app, but I would love to have the ability to write directly on texts (somewhat like you would on your own physical Bible), without having to access a separate note function or window. Kaspars
  12. Ιακοβ

    Odd search results

    Is it just me, or do these search results not quite return exactly what they should? I am quite curious about what might cause it to work like this?
  13. Title kinda says is all. I do a lot of work from an iPad Pro and would love to see Accordance support keyboard shortcuts for navigating and moving to different parts of the app. Examples include: Search by Word, Search by Verse, Select All Text on Screen, Open Dual Panel, Go Back, View Library, View Text Options, Go to Easy Install, Show Table of Contents, etc.
  14. It would be great to be able to create and edit custom user tools in Accordance iOS. That’s pretty much the only thing I do anymore on the desktop version. Everything else I do in Accordance is on my iPad. Hopefully this could be integrated in future versions of the mobile platform.
  15. Having now started to use the iOS app regularly, it is mostly a very convenient solutoin. Apart from my biggest iOS annoyance (when you want to switch resources the search box only allows you to search the recently used items, forcing a click back to the main library every time I want to switch reseources using a search-i.e. every day, I’m still not quite used to remembering that extra step) the next biggest annoyance is that I can’t use my iPad to ask “what does this verse look like in all of the other translations”. I know a feature allowing extra panels would solve this, however I am not asking for a particular. Technological solution, all I am saying is, on my iPad, I frequently need to be able to ask the question “how is this verse translated in all of the other key translations”. Having to wait until I get back to a computer to do this is frustrating, as it means I have to suspend my reflection on a particular translational issue until later.
  16. William T. McVay

    Overscroll in iOS

    Currently, texts and tools in Accordance 2.6.4 for iOS allow the user to scroll to near the bottom, requiring him to "pull" the results upward to see the very bottom in the view, and it snaps back out of the view if the user lets go of it. Please provide overscrolling, so that the user can pull the very bottom line into view and have it stay visible when he lets go. Overscrolling was mentioned at WWDC 2018, so perhaps this is a recently eliminated Apple limitation.
  17. I'm wondering if others' user notes on their mobile app has a line break after the first line of text like mine does. Is this something that can be fixed? It's obviously not a huge issue, but I thought I'd mention it. Perhaps there's something I can do on my end in terms of formatting differently. See the two attached photos. Thanks, Chris
  18. While reading books/general tools in Accordance on different devices (on my phone at night, and iPad or Mac during the day), sometimes it's hard to figure out where I last was. For example I was reading a book on inductive preaching a while back. In the meantime I've both reinstalled OS, got a new device, and I have no idea where I read the last time I read this book. How do you guys go about preserving "last read" position? Do you use a custom highlight/symbol or something? (Accordance bookmarks are too temporary, I take it.)
  19. As mentioned in Topic I can't download SNP2017 on iOS, any help? I appreciate your help.
  20. mbrambila

    Audio on iOS

    Hello, When I play an audio Bible, I have to have Accordance open all the time. But normally and in other apps, the audio continues to be played when the app is closed — very convenient during sports and driving. So here are my two cents for a future update: allow the audio to continue playing with the app closed. God bless, Manuel
  21. I'm not sure if this topic as been posted before, but if so, I apologize for the duplication. Is it possible to bring the Library categories in the Accordance desktop application to the iOS app? It usually takes me a moment to remember where an app is located in the iOS, but I always now where it is on my Mac. It would make using Accordance on a mobile platform that much more efficient. Thanks David
  22. I have noted a bug. I generally read on my iPad, and this year I am reading the NIV (2011) with G/K numbers. I bookmark the four places that I read. Occasionally I read on my iPhone, but have noted that bookmarks for this module created on one device do not open the module on the other. Here is a screenshot. I have tapped on the bottom bookmark. It highlights the choice but nothing happens. The module does not open to that chapter and verse. Tapping on other bookmarks of other modules (texts and tool) works seamlessly between devices. I only note this with NIV (2011) with G/K numbers. I am using the latest release versions of iOS and Accordance for iOS: Accordance for iOS 2.6.4 [iOS 10.3.3 iPad 4th generation], [iOS 11.3.1 iPhone 7]
  23. Howdy! I think it would be wonderful if the mobil operating system of Accordance on iOS supported the ability to actually show a full workspace, or at least offer different tabs, as well as be able to perform some of the analytics for the original languages found on the desktop version. Just a thought. I know that Logos has those features available for their mobile software and that it is a major attraction for many users.
  24. Hi Everyone, So I have the Hebrew Audio—OT, and I love listening to it on my iPhone. It is very entertaining, as well as helpful for memorizing passages. However, there is a significant problem with listening on iOS while on the go. If I were listening to music/Apple music/Pandora or even Netflix, I can put my phone in my pocket, and turn the screen off (which happens automatically after a certain amount of time) and the audio continues; I can listen while I walk. But with the Hebrew Audio, as soon as the screen locks after a couple of minutes, the audio cuts out, making it necessary to stop and unlock the phone every few minutes. It is thus practically impossible to listen to the Hebrew Bible unless one is stationary and constantly manipulating the screen. Can this be changed? This change would make listening to the Hebrew Audio modules much more practicable. As a student of Hebrew Bible, this is very important aid and tool for me. Thanks, David
  25. Is it possible to do a word search in UBS5 o NA28? When I start typing I get English letters. If I switch to the Greek polytonic keyboard, I don’t get auto complete for the Greek word I’m looking for (I often rember the word, but not the exact spelling)
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