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  1. Is there any movement to see the Reformed Expository Commentary (P&R) added to the Accordance collection?
  2. Accordance contains the works on Divinity by John Gill, but not his commentaries. I think that would make a nice addition. Also, we have Gesenius' classic Hebrew Grammar, but not his Lexicon. And while we have the Expositor's Bible Commentary, the older Expositor's Bible is not available as an add-on. My last suggestion is the that the texts of the Unlocked Literal Bible and the Unlocked Dynamic Bible be considered as an add-on... www.unfoldingword.org/bible Thanks for a great set of resources and for the amazing level of support you have provided over the years. Accordance is a remarkable tool. Blessings, win
  3. Hello Every time i want to look up a verse in a commentary, it goes to my visual resources (manuscripts, pictures, maps etc) instead. I have tried to see if I could fix it myself, but have not been able to do that. Therefore I would like to ask if there is a way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance
  4. I open «Feasting on the Word» commentary in a separate tab. I'd love to add extra column/pane there with the User tools (Year A, B, or C). Currently I can't. Could you please provide such possibility? Like a user notes column.
  5. I'm new here. I am not sure if anyone has asked if Accordance is planning to get the Old Testament Library Commentary Series. I do find this series helpful to me.
  6. Would love to see an update to the above, to include the latest volumes that are currently available in print.
  7. If we can trust on Joseph D. Fantis's review it is a commentary you must have. I'm looking forward to it! http://www.dts.edu/reviews/acts-exegetical-commentary-vol-1-keener/
  8. Jan Klein

    Concordia Commentary

    A profound and devotional commentary. A must have for preachers. https://www.cph.org/c-1428-concordia-commentary.aspx?REName=Books%20%26%20Bibles Those who also have Logos can already buy it
  9. Today I added NAC quote as a user's note to the NIVAC-NT, but that pane doesn't show commentary icon there. P.S. Notice also text overlap at the top.
  10. Lung

    Interpretation Series

    First of all, congratz to the new launch of Accordance 10! And is there any chance that Accordance would offer the interpretation commentary series in the near future?
  11. «Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching» could be useful resource... (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=Interpretation%3A+A+Bible+Commentary+for+Teaching+and+Preaching)
  12. I've now purchased 4 different WBC volumes, and am considering my next one. I would like to get clarification for the meaning of the purpose of the discount code: Use coupon code 3WBC to get at extra 10% off the purchase of three or more WBC modules I had assume that it was the intention of this coupon code to indicate that if you purchase three individual volumes at the same time you can get a 10% discount, however or is the purpose of this discount code to allow those who already have some volumes to expand upon their set at a discounted rate? (Im trying to decide if long term I start collecting these in print or in Accordance—the accordance price is about 20% more expensive than purchasing the hardback print versions in my country)
  13. While I am reading a commentary, sometimes I need the bible text at the same time to be able to follow the argument, I can't see how (and perhaps its not possible) to open up the bible along side a commentary. Is it possible?
  14. A feature which I would find extremely helpful is the ability to import a large batch of cross references I made in an Excel spreadsheet into an Accordance User Note file. I know that I could create a User Tool, but User Tools lack the ability to automatically scroll along with a Bible text. Of course I could also spend a whole day manually copying and pasting my cross references into a new User Note file...but that's super tedious. It would be great if there were a feature that would do it with a little proper formatting, and a click! This could also be helpful for folks who've written their own commentary or exegesis and would like to easily import them into Accordance in a way that ties their work directly to the Bible text. Thanks! Evan
  15. Hi All… I love the Socio-Rhetorical Commentary series by Ben Witherington III, and I know you all like it, too. So, I'd love to see these in Accordance for many reasons, but especially for this very important one: It is a series with a completely different approach from most other commentary series and would therefore fill a valuable "gap" in the range of study tools. Anyway, my 2 cents. Link of an example right here: http://www.amazon.com/1-2-Thessalonians-Socio-Rhetorical-Commentary-ebook/dp/B001IKKK10/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1399456405&sr=8-7&keywords=socio-rhetorical+commentary
  16. Some commentaries have multiple sections that cover a particular verse (see for example Word Biblical with a notes, form/structure/setting, comment, and explanation section). I have often wanted to check which section I am in or what volume of a multi-volume resource. This is possible if the commentary module is in its own window but not if it is in parallel view. Many times I have reached to pull down the table of contents in parallel view and realized that is not possible - though it is available on the iOS version. Whether it is in the form of a "path bar" (like the Finder) or a drop down table of contents, it would be helpful to have the option to know where I am in a resource even as a parallel resource.
  17. When I try to open some workspace which contains some Bible commentary or the Bible text module which is not present anymore, Accordance crash. I cannot open that workspace anymore — Accordance offers either to go to the web site to purchase the missing module, or continue, in which case it crashes. Why Accordance couldn't just ask me which commentary to use instead of the missing one, and save that configuration?
  18. I am currently work in a class for our School of the Bible on Revelation. I have Aune's WBC commentary and the Tyndale Commentary by Morris. I am thinking about purchasing either Beale or Mounce. I would like to solicit suggestions about these two works, and if possible, their strengths and weaknesses. Thanks for the Help! Mike
  19. Jan Klein

    commentary LXX on 2 Samuel

    In my research on the parables, I met the text in Samuel 23:3. In the MT it reads: :My`IhølTa t¶Aa√rˆy l™Evwøm qy›î;dAx M$∂dDaD;b ‹ lEvwøm l¡Ea∂rVcˆy r…wâx r™R;bîd y¶Il l$Ea∂rVcˆy y∞EhølTa ‹rAmDa 3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God. KJV But in the LXX it is translated as: Samouhl B ÷ 23,3 le÷gei oJ qeo\ß Israhl, e˙moi« e˙la¿lhsen fu/lax Israhl Parabolh\n ei˙po/n ∆En aÓnqrw¿pwˆ pw◊ß krataiw¿shte fo/bon qeouv; The God of Israel speaks; Israel’s keeper spoke to me: Speak a parable. How might you strengthen fear of God by a human? (Translation in ccat http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/nets/edition/10-2reigns-nets.pdf). Question: does someone know a good LXX commentary on 2Sam? A commentary that tells me why the LXX made this choice, In what year is 2Sam translated. Are there other texts (Targumim for example) that supports this reading? I know there is an upcoming serie from Brill Leiden, but 2Samuel is not ready yet. I will be very pleased with any suggestion for a LXX commentary.
  20. I open New Testament for Everyone commentary in the Reading mode (full screen). I add a user note, close it. I see its icon near the right edge of the screen. I click on it and it opens full screen. But it's top edge goes beyond the screen edge. See attached screenshot. This is the top left corner of the screen.
  21. Guntis

    Feasting on the Gospels

    Feasting on the Gospels: https://www.wjkbooks.com/Products/0664261337/feasting-on-the-gospels-complete-sevenvolume-set.aspx It would be nice to have them as part of the Feasting on the Word commentary set: https://www.wjkbooks.com/Products/0664237134/feasting-on-the-word-complete-12volume-set.aspx
  22. Thank you for New Testament for Everyone set by N.T. Wright! It would be nice to have complementary «The Old Testament for Everyone» complete seventeen-volume set by John Goldingay. :-) https://www.wjkbooks.com/Products/0664261760/the-old-testament-for-everyone-set.aspx
  23. Now that we have Info Pane, I wish I could click on the commentary's cover image there and drag-and-drop it into some specific pane. Sometimes I don't want to open another commentary pane, I want to reuse existing pane. But whenever I click on commentary's icon, new pane is added, which I have to close later. Or perhaps a Recycle Pane command could be added at each resource pane's gear menu in the top right corner? I'd check it and whenever I'd click a commentary link, it would open in that specific pane?
  24. Fabian

    Kretzmann in Accordance

    Hello It would be nice if Accordance can import the Kretzmann Commentary http://kretzmannproject.org Greetings Fabian
  25. I know the NIDNTT and the Comfort NT Commentary have similar information with the NIDNTT having MUCH MUCH more. Which module is actually more useful? Thanks in advance! Jeff
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