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  1. Hello Accordance users, After successfully importing an ancient Greek text (Herodotus' Histories) from an old TLG-E CD-ROM as a new user tool, it appears that Accordance has inserted verse numbers all over the text. This should not happen, because non-Biblical Greek prose does not contain verse numbering. Is there a way to import the TLG text without automatically inserting verse numbers? Thanks for any suggestions. I'm running Accordance 11.1.1 on Mac OS X "El Capitan". Greetings, DJ
  2. Hello If I add a html with <margin right> or alignments right it is then in the User Tool set as margin/alignments left and I have to edit them all. Greetings Fabian
  3. As reported in my support thread here I have found that importing user tools fails when scripture references are in <book> <chapter>.<verse> format, and especially when they are gathered together in lists. For example, any of the following occurring in a html document to be imported will cause the import to fail silently, and no user tool will be created: Eph. 1.1-10, 12-14 2 Cor. 1.22; 5.5; Eph 1.14 Josephus in J. W. 4.335-344; 2.254-257, 264-265. Steps to reproduce ============== 1. Create an HTML file containing any of the lines above. 2. File -> User Files -> Import User Tool... 3. Import the HTML file as a new user tool Expected results ============ Even if the above were not correctly hyperlinked, I would expect the import to run to completion and the user tool to be created. Ideally, they would all be detected and hyperlinked correctly. At a minimum, if the import did fail I would expect a notification indicating the nature of the failure and the context (i.e. the line / reference that it failed on). Actual results ========== Import fails, no user tool is created. Workaround ========= In all of the cases shown above, converting the period to a colon allows the import to succeed. However, tracking back through 8 years of research notes and manually making this change is tedious, particularly when (a) there is no indication of what or where the problem is; and ( the same data imported fine into Accordance 10. System Details =========== Accordance 11.0.6 2015 MacBook Pro OS X 10.10.2
  4. When trying to edit the levels of an imported HTML user tool, I continually get the error message "Make the title a separate paragraph before the rest of the text." No matter what I do in the edit window, I receive this message and cannot save my changes. I have tried with several different imported user tools and made several different edits to the levels, always with the same result. Am I missing something, or is this a strange bug? I am using Accordance 11.0.5 on a Macbook Pro running 10.10.2 Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  5. Fabian

    European Notation

    Hello The European Notation works fine in the User Notes. But in the User Tool not. Accordance recognize the link but I can not save. Every time it comes a pop-up. And if i test it to import it as html the import crashs all the time. Accordance 11.0.3 on Mac 10.10.1 Please Add the active Links for Footnotes, Endnotes and all other active links. And pics and tables. The standart abbreviation from the Loccumer Richtlinien were also nice. And this to User Notes too. Greetings Fabian
  6. Brent Lawrence

    Typing Lag in Edit of User Tool

    I noticed a significant lag in typing response while trying to edit one of my User Tools. This is in 11.0.4.
  7. Hi there, I don't know whether this is a bug or feature request. If you create subtitles of various levels, and for readability indent those subtitles the "Table of Contents" presents badly (imho). Thus sub-expandable triangles will display all that leading space which doesn't make sense in a table of contents (especially since the Table of Contents is in a confined space). Can this be fixed in a future update?
  8. I'm very excited to say that the seminary I teach at (lbs.edu) has just signed an Accordance Purchase Agreement to get each of our students their own license of Accordance! In light of this, I wanted to turn my lecture notes into a USER TOOL for my students so they could incorporate into their Accordance program and utilize Accordance search feature for my lecture notes. I am a 10-year veteran of Accordance, but this is the first time I've done this. I was able to import my notes into Accordance by saving them as an HTM file. The import went fine, but my formatting is all awry. Even though I used Word's "styles" feature (to create automatic outline levels in the file), I lost all the indentations in my User Tool. Accordance also did other weird things such as make some bold words into an outline format (where the letters themselves are like block letters, outlined). As I suspected, Accordance also didn't know what to do with inserted pictures or tables. Altogether, I'm not too happy with how this User Tool is going to work for my students. The hardcopy or electronic (.doc or .pdf) notes are going to be MUCH easier to follow. Can anyone assist me with the formatting issues I'm running into? Should I save my notes in a format other than .htm? I want to preserve the Biblical hypertext links. Can other formats do this, too? Thanks for commenting!
  9. Hello It where be nice if the Auto Link function in the User Tool support Chapters only too. So at the moment we have to write for the whole chapters e.g. "Matt. 12:1-50, 13:1-58". The Hand Link function works with "Matt. 12; 13" but the Auto Link not. Thanks Fabian
  10. Hello I'm in contact with the Webmaster of www.bibelkommentare.de and he is willing to create User Tools for Accordance, like creating EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and Moduls for The Word. BUT for he it is necessary to create .acc7 files automatic. He has so many files that he has it automatized. So if he change something on a file in the night it makes all automatic and post it on the Homepage. At the moment it works with the files above. It is possible to create Accordance files in this way to? I believe if he and other Commentary websites has Accordance files it would be helpful to promote Accordance. Or is it possible to integrate Accordance in this workflow, eventually with the new automator functions? Greetings Fabian
  11. Brent Lawrence

    Crash on HTML User Tool Import

    Accordance crashes every time I import an HTML user tool using 10.1.7. I am attempting to import into a current user tool. Crash occurs pretty much every time, but the upside is, the information is actually imported as I would expect, so it's just the minor inconvenience of restarting Accordance. When I click Recover after the crash, my imported info is intact.
  12. Accordance / Windows 7 I am attempting to import a document as a user tool. The original document is saved as a MSWord doc. I have tried converting it both into a .txt file and a .htm file and then attempted to import each file as a user tool. I am able to import both file types but there are problems with the tool that is produced. Here are the problems. When I import it as a .txt file it creates hundreds of Title marks in odd places causing the TOC for the tool to be unusable. It would take me way to long to manually remove all the Title marks in the editor unless there is some way to remove all of them with one command. When I import as an .htm document it only creates one Title mark at the beginning, so no problem there, but it converts every TAB character into a series of odd characters at the beginning of each paragraph. However when I try to remove them and update I get an error message that "The Book of "Kings" cannot be found". So it won't let me do any editing of the file that was imported as an .htm file. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
  13. I've just updated Enscriptured to make it easy for Accordance users to create a Bible reading plan for use in User Tools. For an example, visit http://www.enscriptured.com/Plan.php?planId=31 notice at the bottom where it outputs the plan there are three links, one of them is "Download html for Accordance User Tool". That will download an html file formatted to be easily recognized by the Accordance User Tool. Once you download the file, open Accordance and go to File / User Files / Import User Tool and follow its steps. Point it to the html file you downloaded from Enscriptured and it should produce your Bible reading plan. There are still a few glitches on the Enscriptured side, and one remaining pattern matching issue in Accordance (if a passage spans books, such as Day 31 in my example linked above: Accordance doesn't recognize "Genesis 49:28-Exodus 1:7" as one continuous passage. I can adjust Enscriptured to account for that, I just haven't yet). As it is, it should be useful for anyone who wants to create their own Bible reading plan and use it in Accordance. Please feel free to offer feedback, either on Enscriptured itself or for the way I format the html file it outputs for Accordance.
  14. Λύχνις Δαν

    User tool import to folder

    Hi ya, First, let me mention that through so weird accident my "ya," from my usual salutation ended up appended to the title and posted with no content. I am not sure how but feel free to edit the title if you can. I don't seem to be able to. Ok, so I am importing a bunch of tools which I want to have in their own folder under User Tools. I created the folder and I can import the individual tools and move them under the folder fine. But it would be nice if I could just import them directly into the folder. In this regard then I noticed that the in the import tool dialog the folder I have appears. But I cannot append to the folder and I do not have an option to create a new tool under that folder. I tried selecting "Import to a User Tool" and I can in fact select the folder. So I ploughed on not especially convinced but hopeful, and hit OK. I then selected my source HTML file to import. I was then greeted with a dialog asking where Acc could find the text for my name folder. I suspect the final bit is a bug and I don't see a way to do what I want to do directly but if someone knows how I'd love to hear it. thx D
  15. Hello together! In the last days I got many questions on Accordance for Windows. So I took our old Windows XP Notebook and installed it. I then tried to install my User Tools and User Bibles (from http://accordancebible.de) but I was not able to install one of them. I always got and error-message that says that the file-type was incorrect/not compatible (but they work well on my mac). I also could not install the modules from my Mac Studienbibel CD-ROM (there is the same problem). What should I do? With the best wishes, Johannes
  16. I apologize ahead of time if this has been suggested or discussed already, but I looked everywhere and didn't find any mention of it. What I would love most at this point would be the ability to create use tools that are as powerful (or close to as powerful) as official OakTree modules. At the very least the ability to use analytics on my own modules would be absolutely wonderful. I mention this because there are texts out there (public domain of course) that I don't quite expect to see official modules for but that would be incredibly handy in my research. Specifically, I would love to use the powerful analytics and other features (perhaps even interlinear) of Accordance on texts like the Book of Mormon or the Koran. Perhaps the ability to create user reference tools could be a great start? Either that or the ability to purchase full modules for these texts from other religions?
  17. I have been trying to make a user tool but its just not working out. I've taken perfectly formatted word docs and converted them into .html files (also tried .pdf to .html conversion using acrobat pro) and when they are uploaded to accordance a great deal of the formatting is lost and it would be massively time consuming to correct it manually as the document is several hundred pages. Is there a better program to use than Word or Acrobat Pro? Is there a different type of .html that works better or something? Or is the Accordance User Tools feature not that great? I noticed that it now automatically searches for bible references (a feature that theWord has had for years). I've used theWord (which is a FREE software) and have been able to make user modules without any difficulty. This is a feature that in my opinion needs the greatest attention. I realize that Oaktree is a business and doesn't want people distributing modules that they otherwise sell but we desperately need to open things up just a bit. There are hundreds of thousands of open source books available on the internet with no realistic way to get them into Accordance. We need a module creator tool...even if we had to purchase it! Some way to import pdfs or epubs or the like.
  18. TanjaRos

    User tool won't update

    Hi! I really need some help with using the Accordance User Tool. I'm very new to Accordance but have made a user tool for myself with notes from school. Unfortunately it has stopped updating! So now every time I make a change and try to update it, the pop-up window will come up and seem to update but as I exit the edit screen it will ask me: "Update the contents of "-" Edit?", I click on update but nonetheless no changes are made and everything I've changed is lost. I really have no idea how to fix this - has anyone else been through this before?
  19. pastorscottz

    Delete a User Tool?

    I have a couple of user tools that are useless, and one that migrated without spaces between some of the words. So I'd like to delete them. But I cannot find anywhere in the help files how to delete a user tool. I can import them, edit them, and amplify to them, but not get rid of them. I'm sure there is a simple answer. I appreciate your help!
  20. Greetings. I have a collection of New Testament Briefs that I submitted for a class in seminary. The purpose of the assignment was to create a one page overview of New Testament texts for our future reference. I wanted to use them in Accordance and thought a User Tool would be the best way to go. I opened the document in Pages, copied, and then pasted them in the Edit Window in Accordance. I added links, adjusted fonts, and everything looked well. After updating, I found that word's with apostrophes did not look right. What's even more odd, is that a title and subtitle just above was inserted the same way with no problems. I'm including a screenshot to illustrate what I mean. I'm grateful for the assistance.
  21. I'd not bumped up against this limitation until this evening. In the process of creating a User Tool with notes from a study, I wanted to set a non-biblical text as the default and/or alternate text for textual links in the tool. Specifically, the Apostolic Fathers (AFL-E or AFL-T). Evidently this isn't possible as only biblical texts are available from the pull-down menu in the Set Tool Display preference panel. Here's my request: 1. The ability to specify a non-biblical text for the default hyperlink in a User Tool. This would be especially helpful for someone studying one of the many non-biblical texts available in Accordance. 2. If the above is possible and reasonable to implement, the ability to specify a biblical text as the default and a non-biblical text as the alternate (or vice versa). In other words, the ability to specify texts from two difference corpuses for the default and alternate hypertexts. This is actually what I originally was hoping to be able to do this evening. Thanks!
  22. I love to great user tools. It is so easy with copy and paste. But there is one problem. When I copy and paste taste from safari and save the tool everything is ok. But when I copy text from a rtf or Pages document and paste and save it, the user tool shows nice signs instead of umlauts. It is hard to change every letter manually. I am a german user. So I have many umlauts. Can you help me to solve this problem?
  23. This is not strictly a bug, but it has bothered me for years. I use a lot of user tools containing texts I get from project gutenburg, and I edit them quite often––using bold for highlighting, changing font colors, etc. My issue is: whenever I save an edit in the user tool editing window, Accordance automatically collapes all the headers in the sidebar. So if I'm reading Josephus (I’ve pasted his complete works into one tool), and I’ve clicked the little arrows so that the certain subheaders are listed which I want to see, but then I edit some text, the whole sidebar collapses. I have to go to the click all the little arrows and scrolls to find my sub-headers. This is extremely annoying, and it wastes a lot of time. Could this be changed? I doubt there are people out there who would be diappointed if Accordance stopped doing this. Similarly, it would be wonderful if Accordance kept the same subheaders open when saving and reopening a window. The attached file shows the before and after when I click "update"
  24. Getinthebible

    Columns in a User Tool

    Hello all, I use the user tool feature constantly to teach class, record study notes, and share studies with my friends. I often have lengthy verse lists within my tools. I format them all as links for easy navigation and review. However at times the long list are distracting. Is there a way to add columns to a user tool so that the user would not need to scroll down through a long list of verses? I often write the tool using pages, and then import as a plain text file. Then I format it as needed. Could the answer be in using html somehow? Thanks for your input. Rob
  25. jimpurcell

    User Tool Crash

    Using a Quad-Core Intel Mac and Accordance 10.0, when I am editing a User Tool, and use the make a link button, or do it by command, if the selection extends to the end of the line (selecting the invisible paragraph mark?) the program crashes. For a long time I didn't think I could even make a link because it seems that when I select my reference it is almost always at the end of the line and very difficult, though not impossible to select the reference only. But eventually I tried a reference in the middle of the paragraph. Thanks for your software! I can't even imagine the time it takes to create these tools, but your efforts are greatly appreciated! The conversion from 9 to 10 was very easy and I'm looking forward to learning it! Thanks again for all your help.
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