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  1. Per some other recent threads, I now have 1.6 on both my iPad 2 and my iPhone 4. As best I can tell, Dropbox syncing is working brilliantly on the former but not the latter. It gives every impression of syncing, and after the first time it instantly reports that there's nothing to sync (as one would expect). However the most recent entries in my notes are missing on the iPhone, so it pretty certainly isn't updating from the Dropbox files. (But it will still sync successfully with my mac over wifi.) It may help to isolate any possible bug if I mention that the user data in Dropbox was initially created by syncing with Dropbox on the iPad. I installed it on the iPhone a day later. The iPhone app appears to correctly locate the existing dropbox files - but as I said it doesn't update its data from it.
  2. If you are on the road and need to sync your notes/user tools from you laptop to you iOS device, this is for you. I'm currently traveling and do not often have a wifi connection that will work to sync my notes and user tools. Starbucks, McDonalds and hotels have it blocked so you cannot access other peoples computers/mobile devices. Unfortunately, this stops my iPhone and Mac Book Pro from talking. I found out you can make a network on you Mac and use it to sync your stuff... The trick is to have iTunes open and syncing while you do this, (otherwise it does not work for me...) This will only work if you meet the following conditions. 1. you have your laptop with you (just want to make that clear...) 2. you have wifi sync enabled for you iPhone or iPad 3. you create a network with a 40bit WEP password on you mac Check out this link if you need a step by step 4. you have iTunes running while trying to sync. Your iPad/iPhone will show up in iTunes (it works best while you iPhone is syncing with iTunes, it can do both at the same time) Note: your iPhone/iPad will most likely not show it has a wifi connection... if it shows up in iTunes it will work. Hope this helps someone JL
  3. I tried searching but didn't find it here, so I'm adding this request, too. I would love to be able to sync notes and highlights without launching Accordance on my Mac and then fire up my both my iPhone and my iPad to get it sync'ed. Any hope for this to happen?
  4. I refer to this thread. In my view this should be at least moderate priority for attention. See my opening post on the other thread for details. Please consider this feature as a basic functionality issue. Losing one's place in a long list of results is too easy ...
  5. Kudos to the Accordance team for making the most amazing piece of Bible Software anywhere. The iOS version of Accordance has come so far, and I am excited to see what you guys have planned for futures versions. If I may, I would like to ask for a feature, that I am sure someone else has asked for (but I just couldn't find in my search-the-forum efforts), that I think is essential now that Accordance has gone mobile: cloud syncing for notes. I'll admit it. Cloud computing has made me lazy. Many of my favorite apps on my iOS devices sync via the cloud (Things, for to-do's; Calendar, Contacts, Email (via iCloud), Dropbox for all my documents, etc). I love that I can download my Accordance modules via the cloud at any time, but what Accordance really needs is two-way syncing for notes. I would love to see the notes I take in Accordance on my iPad during church to automatically appear in Accordance for the desktop, and vice versa. I would love to see all my notes that I have added during my studies at my desk sync to my iPad when I launch the app. Of course, I can sync the two when I get back into wifi land, and no, it is not that hard. I am just lazy and never do it. It would be great if I could sync my notes to Accordance's servers, and have them live next to my modules. I don't think that I am the only one with this wish, but I wanted to express it, but emphasize how much I love what Accordance already does, and how amazing it is. Thanks
  6. Just trying to sync between iPad & mac. First time in a few weeks, but done it numerous times before with rarely a problem. Haven't seen this behaviour before. Tried twice, with same result - viz. stuck interminably at the point illustrated in the attached screencap ... Might possibly be first attempted sync under Mountain Lion (but not sure of that). What would cause this? Thanks.
  7. patrick senn

    Syncs only after new session

    I can only sync accordance on my mac with IOS whenever I start a new session. When I leave accordance and re-open it from last session the sync will not work. The bonjour error window comes up. Does anyone know a fix where I won't always have to start a new session? Thank you in advance
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