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  1. I'm in transition, moving from Mac to PC and noticed that on Windows 7, the Instant details has less information than on Mac. On my mac, the morphology ([GNT-TIS] Verb 3 sing fut pass indic) is shown when I hover over an English tagged text, such as the ESV, NASB, or HCSB. On Windows, whether or not I set Key Information in the Instant Details preferences, only the simple English gloss, greek number, and lemma are shown. Attached pics show my preferences and the result on Windows platform. Is this user ignorance or a bug? Kind Regards, Brian
  2. It's great to be able to press "Shift" to keep the Instant Details displayed regardless of the cursor movement. However, it'd be fantastic if once the mouse pointer is within the bounds of the Instant Details pane, that you could then release the Shift key and have those Instant Details remain intact. Then you would be able to do a number of useful things: a) scroll to see additional content (if the current zoom doesn't allow you to see it all) highlight a word and perform extra functions c) etc.
  3. Hi Accordancers, Perhaps this has already been done, but if not, I'd like to request a shortcut key for the Instant Details pane to switch between the preferred text and alternate text when hovering over a hypertext verse reference in any tool. Often I want to know instantly how the Chinese version or the Greek has a verse, without opening a new window and changing the text. If we already have this option, please let me know! Thanks! Sincerely, Jonathan
  4. I just upgraded my Accordance software from 10 to 11 at SBL this past weekend, because I was told that I could prioritize my lexicons so that the first lexicon on the list shows up when I triple click on a word. I currently have it set to Liddel & Scott Intermediate lexicon, but when I triple click (or hover and press Command), it is still opening Mounce. What am I doing wrong? I've attached a screenshot. Thanks!
  5. Timothy Jenney

    #102) Key Numbers

    The latest podcast is another celebration of Accordance's twentieth anniversary! [basic: Accordance 10] Key numbers are a numerical system designed to help people with little or no knowledge of Hebrew or Greek. They identify the most important words in the Bible, enabling those who do not read the ancient, original languages to do basic word searches and studies. Once upon a time, key numbers only appeared in the most expensive of printed concordances. Even then, using them was laborious and time-consuming. Now they are included with every copy of Accordance Bible Software. Not only do they make our Word Searches fast and accurate, but they enable Instant Details, Cross-highlighting, the Dynamic Interlinear, and Instant Lookups. Join Dr. J in this episode as he shows us how to leverage the power of Key Numbers in Accordance. http://youtu.be/Ao2fcEAOVKQ
  6. jhancock61

    Instant Details

    How do you make information in INSTANT DETAILS stay in the instant details box when you move your cursor off of a certain word? I am sure I did come across a key that enabled this but it escapes me. Thanks!
  7. Just in case someone else has a similar setup with their PC, I thought I'd share this. While attending the "Introduction to Accordance Bible Software" training session earlier today, I learned to use the Shift Key so that I could make the Instant Details window stay on the highlighted word from a Bible text and I could move the mouse pointer down to the Instant Details window and click on the Copy Instant Details button. The only problem I was having was when I did this, my mouse pointer moved very slowly. I'd have to move the mouse pick it up and move it down two or three times to get to the Instant Details window. I asked if others using Windows were seeing this and lucky me, I was the only one. I finally found the problem, I have a wireless keyboard and mouse and under the settings in "HP Wireless Deluxe Desktop Combo" there was a setting under the Pointer Utility tab called Slow Motion. It was selected and it allows you to temporarily slow down the pointer to allow more precise positioning by pressing .... you guessed it, the Shift Key. I just wanted to put this out there in case someone else ever runs into the same issue.
  8. Open Accordance, enable Instant Details, resize it so that it is as high as 4 icons on the left side of Instant Details's pane. Open any commentary in the Reader mode, press Command+Option+2 twice. Exit Reading mode. Sometimes Instant Details is all over the main Accordance window, sometimes it is ¾ of its height. I wish Reading mode wouldn't obscure Instant Details pane. It could remain visible. I can close it separately, but it provides useful information when I hover mouse cursor over the links in commentaries.
  9. I'm having an issue with the instant details feature.... About half the time when I hover over a word in the Old Testament, it will give me the hebrew word and number tag, but when I press and hold the command button, instead of information from a dictionary or lexicon, I get an entry from the ISBE. Specifically, when I hover over/highlight the word 'answered' in Genesis 35:3, I get the ISBE entry detailing the 'answering of objections to messianic hope' - relating to the way in which the Essenes dealt with doubters etc.... The information is interesting, but not what I'm looking for. What I really want is the lexicon entry etc... I have not encountered this issue before and have scoured the Accordance forums to see if there is a setting which I can modify or correct the 'details' I am looking for... Thanks in advance... JD
  10. I recently purchased the NT Use of OT (Beale-Carson) commentary which is filled with links to other resources in my library. When I hover over a Bible text reference or abbreviation it shows immediately in the Instant Details window. However, if I hover over LXX, MT, or Pseudepigrapha references, nothing pops up. I can click on these links to go to those resources, but cannot see them in Instant Details. Apparently, this behavior is true of other modules as well. This is a serious disadvantage in reading mode since it exits reading mode to show the other text. Mark Mills Here is the content of my chat with support: Chat Content: Ryan: [17:41] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today? Mark Mills: [17:41] Instant Details does not pop up when I hover over LXX or Pseudepigrapha references in my NT Use of OT (Beale-Carson) commentary Ryan: [17:42] Hi Mark! Thank you for your question. Let me check on that for you... Mark Mills: [17:46] I don't get MT references either, I just noticed. [17:47] I did figure out how to get OT and Apocrypha displayed, which works fine. Ryan: [17:50] Yeah, unfortunately the details do not show in the Instant Details window. If you click on the reference, the text should open in a new text Mark Mills: [17:51] Yes. So is it a problem with that particular resource? [17:51] I have not tried this with other resources. Ryan: [17:52] that's what we're researching...one moment... [17:55] We just tested it with some other modules and they are all the same...I would recommend posting a request to change that aspect of Instant Details in our Forum [17:55] http://www.accordancebible.com/forums/index.php?showforum=8 [17:56] Our programmers and developers do frequent the Forums and pay attention to what our users would liked changed Mark Mills: [17:56] Thanks.
  11. Instant details doesn't appear to work, or at best takes over 10 secs to show, if at all. General highlighting of text in 10.3.3 doesn't work. I'm going back to 10.3.2 as this version is too unstable on my machine. 10.3.3 VIsta SP2 Toshiba Equium
  12. I was watching Dr. J's Podcast #34 called Tips & Tweaks. In it, he illustrates the feature of the Instant Details when it is floating and set to fade automatically. I decide to try it out, and that is when I discovered that: 1) my instant details panel does not float at all. It used to float in a previous installation of Accordance 2) the auto fade therefore does not work; or maybe the panel fades immediately when I try to float it? Anyways, it seems my instant details panel is not working the way it is supposed to. Below is my preference setting for instant details. I will update this thread if I find any thing new. Thanks, David
  13. I first reported this issue here. I have a workspace in which the Instant Details panel is on the right side, in vertical mode. I also have the Library opened on the left side of my workspace. See the attached images in this post. The problem I am having is that I can't extend the width of the Library when the Instant Details pane is in vertical orientation. I change the Instant Details pane back to horizontal and can extend the Library width. But when the Instant Details pane is back to vertical mode, I can extend the Library only a tiny bit more. This issue occurs when the workspace is either maxed full-screen or minimized screen size. Also, from time to time I notice that the "+ Less..." for the Library Texts would disappear. I would have to either remove the Library and bring it back again, or close Accordance and re-launch it. David Accordance for Windows System: Windows 7 64 OS; AMD Phenom II X2 (unlocked X4) 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2GHz; 8GB Corsair DDR3 1600, Radeon HD 5670 1GB 128-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16
  14. Hello everyone, I am new to Accordance. Little by little I am learning new things about workspaces, zones, and panels, etc. I started to watch the Podcasts as well - very informative and well paced. I have lots to learn in Accordance. I have a workspace in which the Instant Details panel is on the right side, in vertical mode. I also have the Library opened on the left side of my workspace. See the two attached images below. I also included screens of my settings for Worspace and Appearance. The problem I am having is that I can't extend the width of the Library when the Instant Details pane is in vertical orientation. I change the Instant Details pane back to horizontal and can extend the Library width. But when the Instant Details pane is back to vertical mode, I can extend the Library only a tiny bit more. This issue occurs when the workspace is either maxed full-screen or minimized screen size. Is this normal system behavior, or, is it a bug, or, do I need to use the Library as a pop-over? Also, from time to time I notice that the "+ Less..." for the Library Texts would disappear. I would have to either remove the Library and bring it back again, or close Accordance and re-launch it. I am enjoying the time I spend learning how to setup, customize, and use Accordance. I am a layperson who has a strong interest in software applications for biblical research and studies. Thanks, David System: Windows 7 64 OS; AMD Phenom II X2 (unlocked X4) 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2GHz; 8GB Corsair DDR3 1600, Radeon HD 5670 1GB 128-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16
  15. I reported a single instance via "Report a Correction," but this is more systemic. In text modules with a verse number of zero that contain notes (e.g., Psalm 5:0 in NET and NASB 1995), Instant Details does not work. Moving the cursor over the note symbol (or letter or number as the case may be) does not show Notes content from the corresponding Notes tool pertinent to the text. Moving the cursor over note markers in non-zero verses yields the expected behavior. Clicking the note symbol in the zero verse will open a tab in the Notes tool with the attendant note. The same behavior occurs in Accordance for iOS. I discovered this anomaly while reading Psalms in the NET Bible as part of my morning reading using an iPad2. Click and hold does not bring up the Instant Details box. To read the note, one must open the relevant Notes tool in the split screen. This is a minor annoyance, but clearly a bug.
  16. Hi, I just purchased (yesterday) the Accordance Original Language Collection with the Hebrew and Greek Syntax Modules to run on Windows 8.1. When I bought it I assumed I could change the default Hebrew lexicon in the ID window and simply hover the cursor over a word in HMT-W4 to view it. I thought I saw this feature on Accordance's Windows Video at http://www.accordancebible.com/Accordance-For-Windows , at 00:58 to 01:04, where hovering the mouse brought up a HALOT entry in the ID box, and on the screenshot to start the video. I had also watched many Podcasts where hovering brought up the Strong's lexicon in the box. Since both hovering actions appeared to be the same, I assumed that the default lexicon in the Windows Video had been changed to HALOT, and that was a feature of the program. I eventually called Tech Support, and based on what they told me the person in the video had to be holding the CTRL key while hovering the mouse. At least the video shows exactly what I am proposing - simply hover the mouse to view a preferred lexicon. Here is why I think this should be a basic feature. According to the Accordance Philosophy in Podcast #16, Accordance is/strives to be "flexible enough to adapt to each user's study habits," i.e., "users don't have to study the Bible using someone else's pre-defined path," is "unobtrusive, never distracting from the study of the text," and is customizable. Based on this philosophy (which I agree with 100%), I believe I should be able to change the default lexicon. I don't know any OT/HB scholar who would prefer Strong's over a scholarly lexicon. Even PhDs in OT/HB don't remember the definition of every word, especially of some that occur only once or a few times. So we do need a more scholarly lexicon in the Instant Details window. Just as "no customer should ever be forced to buy resources he or she doesn't need," no customer should be forced to view a resource he or she doesn't need. If I had known about the CTRL + cursor feature beforehand, I still would have purchased Accordance. I bought it to replace Gramcord, which doesn't work in Window 8.1, to resume grammatical searches and to add the syntax search feature. Suffice it to say that I am impressed with Accordance's search capabilities. But its usefulness would be greatly enhanced by the feature I propose - not only for scholars, but also for students. It would also be fantastic for an iPad, etc. Thank you for considering this proposal. Michel
  17. Hey all! A couple weeks ago, I was coached through adding a module onto my iPhone, through the Accordance Sync. Surprisingly, adding the module that way actually wiped the modules on my phone. No biggy, as I was able to add them manually again (though it might be good to look at). A few days ago, I noticed that my instant details are void of some information. I'm not sure all what, but when the it pops up, it gives me the definition, Strongs number, the Hebrew/Greek word, and then a very brief definition. It used to have a much more detailed definition, as well as the list of translation links (that when Amplified, one could click and go to that translation's search). I've been trying to figure out where that information went, and which module would bring it back. Anybody know? Thanks! What it should be What it is
  18. Anthony Sepulveda

    Instant Details for Magnified Tools

    I suggest an option to include an attached instant details window to a magnified tool (pretty handy, I think, also for consulting magnified analytics graphs).
  19. Recently, I began taking most of my bible notes within the Accordance software package on my MacBook Pro. I was a little weary of using them in lieu of writing notes in my Bible, but have since been very glad I did. One area that I was particularly excited about was the prospect of being able to download my notes to my tablet and being able to teach and preach from my Accordance iOS app. I was under the impression that if I touched my linked verses in my user notes on the iOS, that the verses would pop up, much like other instant details pop up in the iOS. To my disappointment, my linked verses in the user notes did nothing when I touched them. I got in touch with a tech support person and they told me that this feature was not currently available. He advised me to come to this forum to request this feature. Personally, I think Accordance is losing a great deal of the tablet BIble software market share because of not offering better user notes functionality. There are free programs that enable one to take notes with linked verses and the verses pop up that even some Accordance customers are using in lieu of Accordance's iOS. I understand that there is probably a good reason why this feature has not been included. I appreciate so much all that you guys do. Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the software, but I would really like to see this feature added. I've discussed this with a few of my preaching friends, and they would really like to see Accordance provide this feature as well and would use Accordance much more on the tablet for teaching and preaching if it was there. This feature has probably already been requested, but I'm throwing my two cents into the hat for it as well. Thank you for your consideration of including this feature. Sincerely, Torrey
  20. I´m running 9.6.6 of Accordance and OS 10.7.5 When I am working with my Greek texts that include hyperlinked Scipture refs (Louw and Nida, Thayer, etc.), every time my mouse drags across the Bible reference links, I get this annoying dialogue (The text NEG79) is not currently available for Accordance. I don´t want or need NEG79, but for some reason, I apparently have NEG 79 set for my instant details Bible text and I don´t know how to change it. This doesn´t happen with every tool. Just some of them. Please help.
  21. I have been trying to find a way to copy the cross references from the instant details without copying the super script letter. After selecting the details of a super scripted letter in the text to see the cross references. I want to see what they say. I often find myself copying the entire Instant detail box, pasting it into the search bar, and then removing the letter that proceeds the references. Is this the only way, or am I missing something? Thanks
  22. It would be great to be able to adjust the font settings for this window.
  23. It would be helpful to have the grammatical tag parsing guide included in the Instant Details for those of us who are still novice at Greek and Hebrew. An example of how this could work is: -- Click and hold on a word shows Instant Details popover just as it does now -- Command-click and hold on word shows Instant Details popover of key number just as it does now -- Option-click and hold on word shows Instant Details popover with expanded information on the grammatical parsing -- Command-option-click and hold on word shows Instant Details popover with key number info AND expanded grammatical info For example, give the guide text for what "present," "middle," "participle," "masculine," "singular," and "nominative" mean like one would find in the Greek Parsing tool. wishing G1014 bou/lomai boulomai boulo/meno/ß boulomenos Verb present middle participle masculine singular nominative to will, want Something that would be nice too is if the Instant Details window is open already, then allow for grammatical tags as links in the popover version of Instant Details which when hovered over will then show up in the Instant Details window. For example, click and hold on a word, popover shows up with grammatical tags with links, hover over a grammatical tag link and info on that tag shows up in the Instant Details window. Thanks for your consideration, Darrik
  24. Scott Stringer

    Instant Details Fade

    When Atlas or Timeline are maximized to fill the window, the Instant Details field is hidden. Same thing happens when viewing any tab in slideshow mode. The only way to view the Instant Details window in these instances is to detach it. But then it will not fade like it did in v9. I use Slideshow mode when teaching and like to use Instant Details to highlight certain words as I teach through the text. I don't necessarily want the window to stay up, obscuring the text when I'm not using it, though. The detached Instant Details window stills needs the option to be set for auto-fade. Thank you! -Scott
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