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  1. In Luke 23:43 - when hovering over paradise (ESV) I get the following displayed in my instant details: paradise G3857 παράδεισος paradeisos [GNT28-T] παραδείσῳ paradeisō Noun masculine singular dative (m) garden; paradise (Complement) My question - what does the (m) denote/mean? I first thought it denoted meaning - but other word with glos dont have the (m). I dot think it denotes masculine as that facts is already stated in th parsing inf. Note - it is bolded, so I assume it relates to glos more than parsing info. In Luke 23:45 - temple has the same (m) appear in the Instant details. temple G3485 ναός naos [GNT28-T] ναοῦ naou Noun masculine singular genitive (m) temple, shrine; palace (Adjunct) I observed that land in Luke 23:44 has a bold (f) and its instant details display: land G1093 γῆ gē [GNT28-T] γῆν gēn Noun feminine singular accusative (f) earth, land (Complement) As land is feminine - I was back thinking these abbreviations denote gender — but then why is gender shown twice? - And not shown twice on all words - for example centurion in Luke 23:47 instant details display as: centurion G1543 ἑκατοντάρχης, ἑκατόνταρχος hekatontarchēs, hekatontarchos [GNT28-T] ἑκατοντάρχης hekatontarchēs Noun masculine singular nominative commander of a hundred; centurion (Subject) Insights as to what is going on is most appreciated.
  2. I apologize if this question is super basic but I can't figure it out. If I click on a Hebrew word it brings up HALOT, but if I hover over it it shows the definition in Instant Details, which is not coming from HALOT. That is fine, but can someone explain where the Instant Details definitions are coming from? Likewise, are they just a quick ref or can I use it alongside other actual dictionaries like HALOT or BDAG? (I mean for my notes, not citing it in papers...) Thanks, Kristin
  3. ArnoldsBibleResource

    What is the Go button for

    A Go button sometimes appears underneath the Instant Display pane (not sure when and when not). Selecting it gives errors such as the following: The language of the selected text is not used in the tool "tool_name" In order to search for words, there must be a valid selection in the pane. A verse reference selection cannot be used from any tool. What is the button for, what are the expected results? Thank you, Arnold
  4. I am running Accordance for iOS version 3.1.2 on my iPad mini 5 (iPadOS 14.2). When in landscape orientation, the instant details box extends below the bottom edge of the screen and cannot be scrolled. It happens both in split screen and in single screen. It happens with both the GNT28-T and ESVS modules. It works properly in portrait orientation. I did not test any others. I have attached a screen shot.
  5. Certain functionality of the mobile version of Instant Details is more user friendly than the Windows version. The mobile version shows the Greek Strong's Dictionary with the Strong's number of any root words in a hyperlink, which allows quick navigation to that root word Ex. John 2:8 the word paragetai (3855) indicates it is from 3844 and 71, The mobile version (screen print attached) has hyperlinks for these numbers (3844, 71) to the specific Strong's entry. The desktop version does not contain hyperlinks to the numbers which requires that I type in these root word Strong's number using a new search window. Technical support confirms this functionality does not exist in the Desktop version and suggested I post this to the forums
  6. I appreciate that we can change font size easily in all the panes, including Instant Details. My eyesight is weak and I have increased the font size in Instant Details to its maximum size. However, in Android and iPadOS/iOS the font size is still too small for me to read easily. It appears that there is a limit to the max font size. If you could either remove the max size, or increase its maximum size limit, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance, Dave A
  7. I have a question concerning the font size for the instant details. In my preferences I have instant details set to "very large," which is the largest option. It is nonetheless a little too small. I notice that when I am actively looking at a word there is an A to the left to make the text larger or smaller. I am hoping to be able to click that button to increase the font, but as soon as I take my mouse off the word, the text of course disappears and I no longer am able to increase the font. This all said, is there a way to increase the font of instant details further? I have attached a picture which may clarify my confusion. I underlined the text size (my goal) compared to the instant details text size (which is much smaller and set to extra large). Thank you for any help you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  8. miclew

    Instant Details

    When I start a new Workspace the Instant Details has parked itself over on the right side of the screen. I can't figure out how to get it to the bottom. I have tried to drag it and I have looked in the preferences. I have no idea what I did to make it do this.
  9. I don't know whether this is my being dense of whether this is a feature request... I try to have all of accordance set so that if I am searching/researching/reading the Hebrew Bible it shows JPS (1985) as default and if I am looking in the New Testament it is the NIV G/K (prefer the tagging) - the only place where I can't get this to work is Instant Details which always defaults to NIV - I presume because the default NT Text has priority over default Hebrew text? Can I change this? Am I missing something? If not can I request a new preference which allows you to set either NT or Hebrew is priority? Also is it possible as you can do with combined resources to have a combined text for Hebrew Bible (trying not to say OT) and NT?
  10. The features of Instant Details on Windows version 10 are not as useful as on iOS Lexicon in single view - Instant Details on iOS presents the gloss as well as the preferred lexicon in a single view. Instant Details on Windows requires pressing the control key in order to cause the preferred lexicon to display after the gloss Reference hyperlinks - Instant Details on iOS has the root words for a text as hyperlinks which allow quick access to the root word entry in the Lexicon, and the back arrow allows easy return to the original derived word definition. Instant Details for Windows merely displays the number which requires additional keystrokes to go to the root word. Example - Instant Details for beware / prosecho Luke 12:1 (NASB or NA28 Sigla) displays the gloss and Strongs G4337, and then pressing the Control key brings up a lexicon (my example Greek Strongs) which states "from 4314 and 2192 - these should be hyperlinked to the corresponding Greek Strong's entry on the Windows version (since they are hyperlinked on the iOS version)
  11. When I use the click-to-show instant details, for whatever reason it wants to display the pop up on the main monitor instead of the secondary or teritary display where the Accordance window is.
  12. Chris and Kathy Hinds

    Showing parsing in instant details

    Hi Forum, Is there a means to include in the instant details pane the Mounce Dictionary entry for a highlighted word? I recall Accordance used to do this, but I'm not seeing it now. For example, highlighting "crucified" in Galatians 2:20, all I see is this (see first attachment). I'm using 12.3.1. In the iOS version I see this behavior (second attachment). As always, help is most appreciated. Many thanks, Chris
  13. For some reason the case of Greek participles is not displaying in the parsing given in the "instant details" screen. For example, συνεπιμαρτυροῦντος is parsed as "pres act part masc sing" and then the definition is given; there is no mention of the genitive case. Have I done something wrong with my settings?
  14. The latest version of Accordance (12.1.1) has a problem displaying Unicode text properly in the Instant Details palette. Latvian Bible.
  15. Timothy Jenney

    #153) Illuminating "Day"

    The latest podcast is up! #153) Illuminating "Day" (Heb. yom) What does the word “day” mean in Genesis 1:5? This podcast is a study of this question, one of the critical issues for interpreting the Creation account in Genesis 1. Using “day” as a case study, Dr. J shows both the correct and the incorrect ways to study a word in the Bible. In the process, he demonstrates five features in Accordance that make quick word studies easy—and sheds some “light” on this contentious issue. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/208870829
  16. (1. Kings 5:27-28) Both the word shlishim (thirty) and shlomo (Solomon) is rendered as Solomon in any parallell bible. This has happened other places in the Hebrew bible too. I have never experienced this in the GNT TR Strong´s. As you see in my pictures, the instant details gets the word right, but in the parallell bible, it is translated wrong. It could be a fault in the grammatical tagging. (H8010) Fix it. The Hebrew bible is free in Olivetree biblesoftware, and one of the reasons I bought it in accordance was for the grammatical tagging. I really love Accordance, and hope to see it fixed
  17. When I hover mouse cursor over the linked verses in my user notes, Instant Details show wrong verses in the Latvian Bible. For example, in my user notes I make a link to Ps 77:11. In English Bibles v. 11 is what in Latvian Bible is v. 12. When I press Command key, it shows correct NRSV verse. Problem is that many Psalms in the Latvian Bible have one verse off-set. Many English Bibles have verse 0, Latvian Bible starts immediately with verse 1, thus all verses are one number off. Highlights are shown correctly, probably because application just counts verses from the beginning of the particular chapter. But Instant Details show exact verse number, and here I have problem. How to solve it? Should application use some internal verse translation table? I don' know.
  18. paulnystedt

    Pictures in Instant Details

    I think it would be really great if there was a way to click on a location and have a pictures pop up in instant details. A pop up map feature would be nice. It would be nice to be able to glance quickly without having to resize everything or adjust windows by opening a new module.
  19. Using version 11.1.2, I display the Instant Details window for a word and then try to scroll through the content, but the content in the popover clears.
  20. Benjamin Gladd

    Copy/Paste Instant Details

    Hi all, When I copy/past from the Instant Details window, I click the clipboard icon in the upper right hand corner. Everything works great, but it copies the translation in brackets and the superscript, too. I only want the reference, as if I was copying from the text itself. I'm attaching a screenshot for the sake of clarity. Thanks!
  21. When I click on a link from 2nd monitor the "show popover on click & hold" feature does not bring up the instant details box. Instead, when I release the "click & hold" it opens another pane.
  22. Hi Friends, At present, I have my Hyptertext Text field set to ESVS, so that's what I get when looking at Cross-References. Is there a way to display more than one Bible in either the Context pane or the Instant Details box when working with Cross-References? If I happen to be looking at the NIV, I'll still get ESV text for Cross-References, but what if I wanted to see NIV? Would I have to change the Hyptertext Text field whenever I want to switch? Or perhaps I want to see the NA28 along with the ESV when looking at Cross-References. Is there any way to do that?\\ Thanks!
  23. Hi, In other posts I praised Acc iOS as the best program/app for rapid reading of the Hebrew and Greek Bibles. In fact, that's the main reason I bought an iPad - for the one tap and hold, and the Instant Details window that was anchored to its word. I downloaded 2.0, and I am shocked to see that the ID window is not anchored to the word anymore. Now it appears at the top or bottom of the page. I don't know how this looks on an iPhone, but on an iPad Air it is a long way away from the word, and detracts considerably from rapid reading. Could you please add an option to anchor the ID window to the word, the way it used to be, and the way it still is with click and hold in the desktop? Regards, Michel
  24. Often when reading a commentary or similar, the tool may make reference to a passage of Scripture—and for that instance it would be helpful to be able to see both the original language in parallel with some other texts. Possible configurations that would be helpful, for example: - BHS / GNT, LXX, ESV - BHS / GNT, ESV, NIV etc. Now I know that you can open the passage up to another pane, but this would being able to quickly view a passage without leaving your place of reading would be helpful. Any thoughts or tips?
  25. When I hover mouse cursor over the commentary icon in the Info Pane, I see commentary content in the Instant Details palette. I adjust font size in the palette so they wouldn't be too large. Then I hover mouse cursor over the Bible passage links in some commentaries in other panes, and the same Instant Details palette shows commentary text, but now text size is too small. If I make it a notch bigger, then hovering mouse cursor over the Info Pane commentary icons shows very large txt here in the Instant Details palette. It seems to me that Instant Details shows one type of links with bigger letters than the other type of links. Could you please fix this? P.S. Sometimes when I hover cursor over the commentary icon in the Info Pane, I see only article titles in the Instant Details. No commentary text. For example, UBS Translators’ Handbooks NT, Calvin's Commentaries. (When I open the Bible to Luke 20:1). I've noticed the same about WBC in some instances. Probably it's related to the line breaks after the title.
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