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  1. I share exactly the same problem. Would be pleased if there was any solution …
  2. Thanks for your hints ... ... well, I linked the constructed search to the text ... Everything with the search works fine except when phrases are involded. So I guess it might have to do something with Windows? Therefore a specification: working with Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, version 20H2; Accordance 13.1.5; Anderson-Forbes 1.0. Thx a lot! Stefan
  3. Hello there! I want to search the Andersen-Forbes syntax database for a certain kind of phrase (see screenshot). But if I do search for any kind of phrase it always says: “There are no verses in the current range of the ‘Hebrew Bible (Andersen-Forbes)’ text, which fit the current search entry.” Any idea what's my mistake? Thanks for your help. Stefan
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