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  1. Someone working on Diachronic verbal patterns in the HB?!!! Yay! Can't wait to see your research
  2. I'll be transparent- I own the other program and use it frequently for books that are cheaper in it as opposed to the print versions, mainly because most of my research uses books from publishers like Brill which are expensive and better tagged. I do, however use Accordance for all original language work. The interface is better, the searches are easier, and it just works. Logos is more clunky and not the way I like the data to be presented. Yes they have more of my secondary source needs met, but Accordance has them beat hands down on Original texts.
  3. No reason to delete. Sales is not fun at all but it drives the engine. Your major competitor doesn't offer much by way of academic packages, most of which were resources I had access too in base forms of Accordance. Accordance stands above with primary texts and functionality. the L is a glorified reader mainly. The profs use you because you offer what students in Seminary usually need, primary texts in original languages they can work with. You keep at that and you will be golden. I would suggest that you start cornering the market on Assyriology and you will instantly push into a much needed
  4. Found another resource that might be of use: https://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Beihefte-Zeitschrift-Alttestamentliche-Wissensch/dp/3110335492/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=to+teach+in+ancient+israel&qid=1613091006&sr=8-2 It is a lexical semantic study rooted in Cognitive linguistics but might help to really frame what you are looking for (maybe). As I find new things I will keep the thread updated.
  5. Saw this book recently and remembered this post. You might benefit from this: https://secure.aidcvt.com/sbl/ProdDetails.asp?ID=063548P&PG=1&Type=BL&PCS=SBL Also my review of the above mentioned book Is published: http://naphhebrew.org/hhe-23-2021 If you wanted some more information on it. Hope this benefits everyone pursuing this topic!
  6. That is great news! Dr Clines mentioned it might not happen due to the incomplete nature of it but I countered that individual BHQ volumes have been dropping so this wouldn't be much different. Thanks for getting the ball rolling!
  7. Any way we will start getting the revised volumes? Please don't wait until they are all published- that will be probably 8 years from now!
  8. To weigh in a bit- Accordance is tops for Original Language study in Classical Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls Hebrew, and Koine Greek. The searches, syntax module, and hyper links to lexicons/dictionaries, as well as search ability are great. I will argue that as an "E-Reader," the other major software group (usually called the "L" word here) are geared for that, they are essentially a digital library with hyperlinked entries and such. If you are looking to get your hands dirty in the biblical text, I would invest in Accordance. If you are looking to have a massive library full of monographs and com
  9. I am interested for sure- He and I are chatting now about it. Thanks!
  10. I'm curious if he would be open to someone sending in editions of non finished documents like this- I will reach out and see
  11. A Screen Shot of what I mean if I wasn't clear
  12. Hello, Any reason why in the English translation module there are no attempts at translating the fairly clear text in the Hebrew? The plates show at least a few clear word groups and the transposed text in the Qumran Non- Biblical module is tagged. Just curious
  13. Purchased and at a fantastic price- Thanks everyone!
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