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  1. Hello Fabian You are a great resource and help. Thank You I did a google search and it appears that there are several Armenian bibles. You have done your homework well. Yes I think this is the best one In 1973 I went to Venice, Italy and took a gondola to visit St Lazare Mechitarist Seminary Island. You can see it with Google Maps. They have a library with old manuscripts. Is this one all in Armenian or does it have the English translation as well. Thank you Fabian what a great find. You said you wanted my email. Why do you need that? Thanks
  2. Hello Bookstore Any chance to get an Armenian Bible. Thanks rg
  3. Hello Michael Im no Apple Genius but here is a simple test that might work for you. Open the Accordance website using Mozilla Firefox. Do not use Safari. Sign in to the Forum using this browser. If it opens and displays there with no problem then you know something is goofy with Safari. Going back to Safari try these steps: 1 Hit the refresh button in the address field 2 Go to History and Clear History 3 Go to bookmarks and delete Accordance and delete in the favorites list. 4 Do a Restart 5 Open Safari and type in Accordancebibl
  4. Hello Developers This does not work. Needs to be fixed 404-Page Not Found Thanks rg
  5. Hello I found this resource to share with you! Something from the Israel Museum. Here's the link for Israel Museum Reveals Ancient Artifact Depicting Nativity in Bethlehem | CBN News: https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/israel/2020/december/israel-museum-reveals-ancient-lsquo-souvenir-rsquo-depicting-nativity-in-bethlehem rgallo
  6. Hello Staff Some fun videos. Enjoy Must be Santa and Notre Dame de Paris Nativity scene. https://youtu.be/42_vCV2_gf0 https://youtu.be/tyU-PZfoqqs Thanks for all your help, Rgallo
  7. Hello Staff Enjoy. Must be Santa and Notre Dame de Paris Nativity scene. https://youtu.be/42_vCV2_gf0 https://youtu.be/tyU-PZfoqqs Thanks for all your help, Rgallo
  8. Hello Accordance Staff Can we use Apple Pay in the Store for our purchases? Thanks rg
  9. Hello Rich, Yes Im curious too. Lets hope Accordance doesn't get a performance hit. Im ready for a new Macbook Pro myself in 2021. Would like to get the 16" model. rg
  10. Hello Everybody Another Apple Event. More new stuff !!! November10, 2020, at 10 a.m. PST Made on a Mac  Rgallo
  11. Hello Minibishop Im having the same problem. It seems to be in the graphic resource modules. I see that in multiple pictures. Has anybody noticed something else. The font size in the picture description is too small. A 10 point font would be perfect I need a magnifying glass to read it. Also. Why such a large white window space for the description. Make that smaller and increase the picture size instead. rg
  12. Hello Fabian Glad to see everything is working ok for you. Stay away from nicht korrekt geschlossen. Here is something you might enjoy https://youtu.be/OBifjXFA-W4 Made on a Mac  Be Safe Rgallo
  13. Hello Fabian Yes you will crash Accordance if you don't follow the proper shut down procedure. This is what I do and never have any problems. Follow this procedure: Quit Accordance and then shut down Go to Accordance drop down menu in the menu bar and select Quit Accordance or Command Q first. Accordance has to be open to do this. Never use the on/off button to shut down with the app still open. Yes you will get a notice saying you didn't shut down properly. Always quit all apps before shutting down. Follow this: Always close out and then shut down. 1. Click on Accordance nex
  14. Hello OK Thanks for all the info. Good luck with that. rg
  15. Hello A good website for the latest cutting edge reviews and news is MacWorld.com Their online digital magazines can be viewed at Zinio.com They no longer have the printed magazines on the newsstands. Thanks for the info on MacRumors. rg
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