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  1. Has anyone had trouble syncing iphone iOS? My phone constantly says Accordance Sync, Checking WiFi Availability. I have searched and followed what others have said, but no success. My phone and computer are def. on the same network, but for months this has not worked. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  2. Thanks Accordance, for this amazing update. Some very significant updates, specifically w/ Live Click.
  3. Roy Brown, I want to thank you for giving us a tool that highlights some of the features of Accordance. Different people learn by different methods. I for one learn by visually using a program. I can learn by watching podcasts, webinars, and tutorials, and read blogs and forums as Jonathan has suggested. But as new to Accordance after have coming from BW, I was unfamiliar with Accordance and found myself clicking and going through Accordance to learn this fascinating program. I only have one screen so having a tool like this for beginners is what some learning styles need. Thank you fo
  4. Would there ever be the possibility of a Web based Accordance program? I know I am not the only one thinking this would be helpful. I realize the impossibility of putting the full Accordance on a web based system would be robust, expensive, and simply great to have but somewhat impossible. With that said, what about a a scaled back Accordance? Something for for Sermon building, where we can reach our library from any device? Just thinking out loud.
  5. Fabian, Thanks for the showing Scroll Tag and Trainer. I see that it can do block diagramming to a degree. Biblearc seems a bit more simple to use. I watched the video on Scroll Tag but it did not go into detail regarding block diagramming.
  6. I would love to see phrasing inside Accordance!
  7. Has anyone really utilized Pages for Sermon Building? If so, would you mind taking some screenshots or posting some videos on how you have utilized Pages inside Accordance. I did not see any videos or podcasts, but if anyone knows of a video, please share.
  8. I would like to see the Themelios journals included in the next journals update. Thank you Accordance team.
  9. Mark, you all are faster than the Nestle Bunny, and he is Quick! Thanks for the speedy turnaround. G
  10. Thanks Rick for all your work and to team Accordance. I am looking forward to the new website. I also consider you to be a Jeepologist amongst all the other things you do. G
  11. Mark, Thanks so much. This is exactly what I was looking for in the maps. Garrell
  12. Is there a way to search different resources in the "Visual" Library? I am trying to find the 12 tribes allotments from the book of Joshua Chs. 15-17. Specifically, maps of the 12 tribes in Promised Land. Is there an easier way than opening up every resource in the "Visual Library" and looking through the table of contents of every resources. Thanks for anyones help. Garrell
  13. Henry, please screenshot if you accomplish this, it would be great to see.
  14. Accordance, Do you have a list of forthcoming modules, i.e. commentaries, books, dictionaries, or resources? Thanks
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