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  1. Thanks! That seemed to work for the Text browser. Sorry, I didn't reply earlier. I don't use the forums very much and must have misunderstood how to follow this topic. I'm still trying to solve the mystery of the Instant Details Bible text sources. In my "New Testament Studies" workspace I get KJVs and GNT28-T (when I hold down control key) for a NT reference and only KJVs for OT (nothing changes when holding down control key). On my other workspaces I always get KJVs and always ESVi when holding down the control key. It almost seems as if Instant Details is taking its cue fr
  2. I am also frustrated with trying to figure out how to set the display texts for the Instant Details window. For now it displays KJVS or GNT28-T if I hold down the control key and the reference is NT. I would love to get it to display an alternate Hebrew text automatically for an OT reference! The Text Browser solution looks promising, but I am unable to amplify to it from a reference in a Tool such as a commentary. The Look Up menu simply does not give me the Text Browser option. When I try to amplify it using "Custom Group", then I get the message: "A verse reference selection cannot
  3. Hey, that worked! Thanks. I don't know why this option dropped from the main menu, but right-clicking is just as easy to do.
  4. The option to save my Paper as a DocX file is missing. It only gives the options for PDF and JPEG. See attachments below. I recently did some uninstalling and reinstalling this week of Accordance as I was having Dropbox syncing issues. I found a solution for that, but I must have messed something else up in the meantime. Any suggestions on how to get that option back? Thank you!
  5. Dropbox is definitely the culprit based on all the uninstalling, reinstalling, deleting of folders, etc. I did today. In spite of all this Accordance crashes as soon as I try to sync with Dropbox. Verdict: DROP DROPBOX I am going to try using Microsoft One Drive to keep my files in sync between my two computers. One Drive has served me well for several years now keeping sermon files and such in sync, so I have no reason to think it will not work with Accordance files. I decided to continue not to sync my workspaces, since the computers have different screen sizes (I have a bit more
  6. Out of nowhere this morning Accordance is crashing on my laptop upon opening it. It stays open for about 3 seconds, then crashes. I was already having trouble with my papers not syncing from my desktop to my laptop using Dropbox auto-sync. Up until now Dropbox sync has worked fine. I tried uninstalling Dropbox, since this seems to a major culprit according to the forums here. The problem persists. I saw that someone started Windows in safe mode and unlinked dropbox, but when I am in safe mode it just tells me Dropbox is already unlinked. Not sure what do try next. Here is the
  7. Thanks for the help, guys! I'm an Accordance newbie, so I'm glad that I can get some pointers on this forum.
  8. There is also a consistent bug in the Bible Knowledge Commentary that the letter "C" in the book outlines is lined up with the large roman numerals. I attached a screen shot below.
  9. On page 215 in the introductory information on the book of Numbers under the heading "Purpose" I found the following error: "...and © how they were to prepare 3themselves for...." By the way, is this the right place to post this kind of error?
  10. Thanks! This just worked for me, too, but I don't know why. :-)
  11. I used ISO 8859-4 which seems to be the one for Estonian. It makes the letters a bit scrambled looking on Notepad++, but I tried to import it anyway. I get the same error message as before that the first word is corrupting the text. I'm about to give up and hope for better in 13.0.3! Bible text corrupted.pdf
  12. I don't see any option to encode it to MacOS Roman in Notepad++. When is 13.0.3 supposed to release?
  13. I haven't. How would I do that?
  14. Just as I thought, I am having trouble with this again. This time it gives the following error message: "The word "Alguses" in Genesis 1:1 is somehow corrupting the building of this Bible text. It should be modified before proceeding further."Bible text corrupted.pdf "Alguses" is simple the first word in this Bible text. If I delete it or change it, then I just picks whatever the new first word of the text is. Can anyone help me solve this?
  15. Thanks for the info because I'm pretty sure I'll run into this problem again when I update the text. LordByron
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