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  1. Indeed! I apologize for not including the author: the post has been edited. What a neat opportunity! I could definitely use some bonus points in this class, hah!
  2. I would like to see the following added to Accordance please: Title: Creation and Blessing by Allen Ross Publisher: Baker , 1998 Why? Again, primarily because it's the other required textbook for my institution's Hebrew language class in Seminary. But, after using it on several occasions for exegetical work while preparing sermons to preach, I've come to appreciate Ross' style and depth of study (at least in this particular commentary on Genesis, but also in cursory readings I've done in his other commentaries on Psalms).
  3. I'd like to see the following added to Accordance please: Title: Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar by Page Kelley Publisher: Eerdmans , 2018 Why? Primarily because it's my institution's required textbook for Hebrew language class in Seminary, and I don't foresee them changing this requirement. And, in my limited use of the book, I believe it does a substantial job in both content and method in introducing Hebrew grammar to beginner students.
  4. I actually miss this resource and this one (the "Start Here" page); would the staff be able to bring those both back? Whenever I introduced friends/colleagues to Accordance, those two webpages were among the first places I sent them to next.
  5. Hi Daniel (did I get that right?), thank you for that! I also downloaded the additional content you listed on your GitHub. However, I'm having trouble with several of the workspaces I've tried and I think it's primarily because I don't have the Syntax Module (this one for $59), would that be correct? Is it worth purchasing (I'm a Seminary student and do exegetical work for sermons on occasion, currently)? Hi Tim - as I mentioned above, I don't have that module. For the purposes of my Seminary course in Greek along with my exegetical prep-work for the occasional sermon (once/month), wo
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks for the quick response, however that's not what I was referring to. Hopefully the attached image comes through this time. Not only do I want to see the case of the Greek word, but I also want to know which nuance is that case "taking" (see attached for what I mean and the verbiage in the second-half of my original post). Is this possible, or is there a module that Accordance offers that provides this information?
  7. Regarding the Greek New Testament, is there a module or feature within Accordance that helps to identify the special usage a nominative, accusative, dative, or genitive case takes? For an idea of what I mean, I've included a chart which identifies various nuances within the Nominative case such as "subject", "predicate nominative", "simple apposition", etc. Similar to the ability to see parsing information of a Greek word, such as a noun in the nominative case, in the Instant Details pane, I'd like the ability to see which "nuance" that noun in the nominative case takes.
  8. @Dataduffy et al - Indeed, update fixed it. Thanks Accordance.
  9. I'm unable to read certain text in the Holman Bible Commentary while in dark mode (specifically the "Main Idea" and "Supporting Idea" sections). I'm using an iPhone XS running iOS 13.4 with the latest version of Accordance. See attached. Any ideas?
  10. Greetings! I tried searching the forums first for an answer, but no joy. Issue: When I open the highlight panel and look under Styles, I can't read the text (font color = black) inside each style. I've attached a screenshot indicating the issue I have. I can't see where I can change the font color to white so I can read the text in each Style. Any advice? System: I'm running Accordance 13.0.5 using "Dark Mode" theme, on Mac OS 10.14.6.
  11. Unfortunately no, especially if I'm wanting to copy a dozen or more references quickly. See screenshot for example.
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