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  1. I second that request. Free placement and sizing of windows is more logical and space efficient.
  2. I'm looking for in depth examples how ties and link work. Say I have KJV, and some other resources on my main tab. On another tab I want to show 4 crossrefs On another tab I want to show 4 different Bibles On another tab I want to show 3 commentaries I want to link/tie all those resources so that they update/scroll/react to what I'm doing with the KJV on the main tab.
  3. I guess I have to find a video explaining this because I can't get it to work properly. My main tab contains 2x Bible, 1x Crossref, 1x Lexicon Lookup, 1x Commentary as discussed above, 2x Bible linked to the Crossref. I want to create an extra tab containing several cross-references. I can create an extra tab with one crossref but: a] I have no idea how to add extra crossreferences. b] Everything like Lexicons and Commentaries are on the new tab and when I close them, they also close on the main tab. Right now my plan for my ideal setup is a main tab that contains a bit of e
  4. Clicking the verse works exactly as you wrote. Thanks! The hit list shows a certain number of hits and a + to expand and see more hits? Is there a way to show more hits by default or in fully expanded state?
  5. Joel, My first answer is very unclear, not to say wrong, but I can't edit. I'll try to explain with an example. The Bible shows Gen 1:1 My 'NLT Study Bible' commentary shows commentary on Gen 1:1 But when using Research, I have to select a word. If that word is beginning, I get many hits in all the commentaries I have installed. But those hits aren't about Genesis 1:1 but the word created. The layout, two columns, of those many hits are exactly what I want. If I add let Accordance search in the commentaries as if they are lexicons I get a similar layout, but much less hits.
  6. https://www.accordancebible.com/?s=MT-LXX All those are fine?
  7. Unfortunately nothing shows/opens when I click. If I also put commentaries in my Lexicon folder the commentaries show in the results list. They show in the same way as using the research function. That's certainly useful but very different from using a commentary as a parallel. When configured that way commentary about a certain verse is shown. When using research it shows every commentary containing the researched word.
  8. A] I'm a big Live Click fan and use it a lot in combination with my lexicons and dictionaries. Besides the wealth of information I like the way it's displayed. On the left a narrow column with the resources that have a hit. On the right the entry of the selected resource. Is it possible to do the same with commentaries? By that I mean displaying them like the lexicons using two columns. B] I have the combined resource Greek Bible (LXX + GNT) on my screen next to my Bible. When I hover over a word in the English Bible it gets highlighted in both the English and Greek Bib
  9. I would like the 2015 as well. The study version with notes and commentary.
  10. In front of me I have "KJV with Strong's" and interlinear switched on. Gal 3:10. In the English translation you will find 'of the law' twice. Imo the second occurrence should have the article the/tou/G3588 just before law/nomos/G3551 (the first occurance hasn't) Why doesn't G3588 show in my interlinear? Did I configure something wrong?
  11. If I may, another search question. When I search for the word 'wine' in ESV, the Hebrew word it's translated from is yayin - Gen 7:26 tirosh - Gen 7:29 A] Is it possible to search for verses with wine that are not translated from yayin or tirosh? I have no idea such verses even exist, but that's one the reasons I want such a search. B] When I do a search on the English word wine, the resulting verses have the word wine in red. That's very handy but if possible I would like to take that to the next level. For example if the Hebrew text has yayin then mark red. If the Hebrew rea
  12. Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for.
  13. Suppose I want to search for all verses in which the English word 'anger' is verb (or noun). How would I do that?
  14. Here's my situation. I start each and every day with reading 5 chapters of Psalm. After finishing the last chapter I restart at chapter 1. Similar for Proverbs. Plus more (see below) I want to start up Accordance and let it automatically open Psalms in the correct translation (if possible with commentary open) at the correct chapter. When I close Accordance at Psalm 150 it should open the next day at Psalm 1. Same for Proverbs. That's also an endless reading plan. On top of that I may just decide to start reading somewhere and simply keep reading, in that case Accordance should open w
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