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  1. I don't know what Direct2D is, but please my computer build in my profile. This thing shouldn't be lacking anything.
  2. Actually, since we're talking about number of Accordance windows open, here is that other kind of glitch--the gray screen--which I mention just because I only have 4 (opening into 5) windows open right now. Just thought I'd share.
  3. Gladly. Anything I can do to help. That glitch was a unique one, and I don't remember now how many windows I had open. But if it happens again I will let you know. Thanks for all you do!
  4. Hi, I'm using until 13.1.6 comes out (hopefully to fix some other bugs I reported). Today, when trying to search a word by "Lexeme" or "Inflected," I kept getting an error that there wasn't enough size to open another window pane (not true), and then when it did open, the menu was glitchy. Please see attached.
  5. Thanks Joel. I believe I found it. It just took a moment.
  6. Hi Michel, I'm not expert on this, but I did some reading recently on a question of why Mac screens look sharper (in general) than PC screens. Here's a snippet: "The software that performs the magic is called the font renderer. On a Mac, it's part of the Quartz engine. On Windows, it's called ClearType. You'll also notice that color representation is a bit better in OS X too." https://superuser.com/questions/969694/why-fonts-on-mac-os-x-look-much-nicer-than-on-windows-when-using-the-same-hardwa Hope you are well.
  7. It seems that the options for searching are more limited. How to I search exact terms / words phrases? For example, I made some posts about the "BAR" (Biblical Archaeology Review), and wanted to revisit them. I tried searching "BAR" (both with quotation marks and without them), and I get any word with b-a-r in it. I then tried searching "Biblical Archaeology" and I found anything with "biblical" in it. No good. Also, how do I search all my own content? I used to be able to search based on the author of the post. How does this work now? This screenshot shows the o
  8. Hi Michel. I'm curious about your post, but don't know exactly what you mean? Could you be any more specific / descriptive? You aren't talking about a "dark mode" scenario are you?
  9. "There is one feature I miss right away: the last 10 posts. When I come to check for posts, I do not have to visit every sub-forum, but only get the last 10 messages." I agree. +1
  10. Thanks Iconoclaste, but I'll still point out that, search symbols (like wildcards) aside, the white spaces between letters still aren't being taken into account in the Research Tab--at least not in tagged texts. See this screenshot showing that I get the same results in certain modules between מ עצת and מעצת. The space in the first of these makes absolutely no difference in the results I get for the tagged texts (BHS, WMT-4, Qumran), even setting the Preferences to "Literal," as you suggested. By the way, I went back and read my original posts on this thread from 2 years ago, and I just
  11. True, except, as I said above, when you have to do it 10 times because you opened 10 separate windows, which isn't uncommon for me. And then again, if I happened to miss the Recycle button in just one of those windows, and I click on a verse reference somewhere else, I then lose my place in the Text Browser in that other window. No good.
  12. Bear with me: another annoyance with not having the option to completely disable the Recycle button as a preference: Again, I usually have, say, 10 different Accordance windows opened at the same time, all fully maximized, and all with the Recycle buttons manually turned off. However, sometimes I may miss one of the Recycle buttons, or it mysteriously gets turned back on--speaking here of a Recycle button in a Text Browser. Now, I click on a verse reference in a commentary somewhere, and instead of opening a new Text Browser window (which is what I want), it changes the verse showing in t
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