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  1. I read last year that we would soon be getting more journals, but I haven’t seen anything yet. Also more Spanish resources. Any update on these two claims? Thanks!
  2. You’re welcome! Many of us benefit from reviews and by pitching in our own reviews we can pull in more business for Accordance
  3. Then start reviewing whatever you own so other can benefit too.
  4. Maybe if they added more Spanish products their customer base could grow more and bring more business. As it is right now, e-sword has way more Spanish resources than Accordance. Logos became appealing to me because of their variety in their Spanish catalog. As a result, I chose to invest more on them than in Accordance. More variety may mean more business
  5. What you’re really suggesting is a sign up to financially support Accordance, not really a subscription. In my opinion, a business should be able to support itself. The day they can no longer do that will be the day when they’ll have to sell or sink. I’d rather pay for my upgrade when it comes out than losing access to something once the subscription expires. Maybe it needs to be presented differently, because you’re making it sound like “let’s all each give away $100 per year to keep a business running,” when that’s not the way any business should work. My two cents!
  6. It’d be nice to have a mobile app that doesn’t require you to download all your library into your phone. I just upgraded my iPhone 6S Plus 64 Gigs to a new iPhone 12 Pro 256. I was over due for a phone upgrade! It’s nice to have the extra space, but not having to use like 30 Gigs of space just for Accordance would be even nicer. Anyway, it’s just a thought
  7. Things changed a bit and later on I went ahead and bought the Journals for $99 bucks! I, too, am interested in a new update
  8. That is so true! Especially with the NICOT/NT series and other products! Besides the graphics clearly blow the competition out of the water! I use both so it compensates in a way, but that’s just me.
  9. You’re welcome! I mean, people can still buy it if they want it as a separate resource, but it’s good to know if they can save some money to buy another resource
  10. If you own the ESV Study Bible, then you already own this new book: https://www.accordancebible.com/product/understanding-scripture-eds-grudem-collins-schreiner/ The material written in the book is part of the articles and resources section at the end of the ESV study Bible.
  11. Wow that’s scary with all the password resets that didn’t go through with the new website
  12. My Windows 10 has been doing the same thing ever since you guys switched to the new website that ruined our password and has prevented us (at least me and a few others) from accessing our accounts and sales. I’ll reach out to Ricardo on Monday to see if he can help.
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