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  1. Of course. We're not saying that some users, especially those who have been with us the longest, don't matter. What I'm suggesting is that we are trying to give equal worth to all users, whether you've been with us a long time or a short time. The reality is that if we had stayed Mac-only, we probably wouldn't be here. The Windows emulator was not a good solution, and we found a better one by creating a Windows-native app. A very significant competitor is no longer around because they stayed Windows-only and opted not to create a mobile app, which is probably where the greatest pot
  2. Joe, that's easy to say if all you use is macOS and iOS. Imagine, though, if you were a Windows and/or Android user, and we came out with this super, seamless syncing strategy that completely excluded you. And we said, hey, just keep using Dropbox, while we look for something else. I mean, that's really not a good strategy for maintaining customer goodwill. A better plan would be to create a super, seamless syncing strategy that works for everyone. Also, I should point out that a large number of Windows users who also use iPhones. There's an incredible amount of cross-platform syncing to take
  3. DM me with info on your old account, and I can merge them.
  4. It becomes an issue of supporting multiple syncing options--which is not only a support issue but also extra development and added code to the software. And it creates a better experience for some users over others. Not really a good place to be. A better solution would be to have one really good syncing method that works for every platform and syncs more than what is currently synced. Stay tuned.
  5. Mark Allison is tracking down our Bibles now. He may want to look into this.
  6. The issue is that we do not principally cater to macOS. The day of Accordance focusing primarily on the Mac is nearly a decade gone by. Having said that, we are looking into other syncing technologies, but we would not use a strategy that would work exceptionally well on one platform and marginalize the other ones.
  7. Mark your calendars for the March 11 Accordance eAcademy! Theme: "On the Record." All three sessions are free, but please register for individual sessions at our eAcademy page.
  8. Moving this to Feature requests.
  9. Accordance kind of works the opposite from the BibleWorks method. In Accordance, pull up a contextual menu from the verse and add it to a reference list. The reference list tab can be renamed, and the reference list can be saved for future use.
  10. Tim, there is. Technically yours is now merged. However, you were our guinea pig in this. Your accounts are merged, but your personal info, avatar photo, etc. were erased. But all your posts are still tied to your account. We learned from your case and will be doing things differently with anyone else we merge so that the personal info is not lost. Sorry about that!
  11. Welcome to the new Accordance User Forums! You will definitely notice a new and more streamlined look and feel, and there are lots of improvements not immediately noticeable on the surface in the way these forums work. The biggest immediate change for regular Forum users is going to relate to how you log in. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Ever since the beginning of the Accordance Forums 16 years ago, logins were totally separate from your purchase account. You could use the same login and password if you wanted, but if you changed the password on one account, it wouldn’t af
  12. The Accordance User Forums will go down Sunday, February 14, around 9 PM EST for scheduled maintenance. But don't despair—they will be back, better than ever, as soon as we are finished!
  13. I would love to see Zerwick in Accordance and posted that linked request back when I was just a "plain old user." I actually have a partially-completed bootleg of Zerwick in a User Notes file. But I couldn't share it for any new project. "Fruit of the poisonous tree" and all that.
  14. Oh, none of what I said was directed at you, Jonathan, or anyone in particular. I just didn't want the discussion to spiral into a perceived understanding that we were going in the direction of subscriptions.
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