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  1. Thanks Scott. Just found the appropriate setting two minutes after I posted.
  2. Anyone know how we jump to the unread post section of a thread like on the old forum? Under the old forum when I read a thread on my mobile that had a new post I would be automatically taken to the new post. On desktop the old forum had a button that you could click on to jump straight to the unread thread. I very much like the upgrade just like to jump straight to an unread post when quickly skimming new activity.
  3. Hey nothing wrong with 120 years old. Our church is marking this anniversary in two weeks time.😀
  4. Working for me with same configuration but on an Intel iMac 5k 2020
  5. Here are where the installation are downloadable from: https://www.accordancebible.com/accordance-installers/ Monitoring this for change will let you know when there is a new release available. From the above here is the URL for the latest Mac download. This may at least give you an idea of the install naming convention that you can script to. https://www.accordancefiles1.com/products/Accordance_13.1.5.dmg
  6. For those who might be wondering as to the usefulness of such a set-up, a consistent URL not helps Karl but also any of those who script automated installs of complete desktops (i.e. a full working machine with a complete complement of installed apps). This would be common place in say a Christian school or seminary (most obvious places for Accordance to be desired to be installed by default/have a site licence etc.) Thankyou Karl for asking the question.
  7. Actually the M1 is the prerequisite for iOS apps. You can't run them on Intel even if you have Big Sur installed.
  8. Also for Accordance on the desktop if you have open the info pane the outline heading for the text you have it paired with appears at the top of the info pane.
  9. Mac tablet 2021? Releasing an iPad Pro style device with an Apple M series chip in it seems like the next logical move in the transition to ARM processors.
  10. Yes. The free Dropbox account restricts you to three devices. Anymore requires a paid upgrade.
  11. Just wanted to bump this thread. Understand that the website/forum updates have most likely taken priority over the last few weeks so please take this as a gentle nudge.
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