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  1. https://www.armenianchurchlibrary.com/files/easternarmenianbible/index.html
  2. On http://armenianbible.org are more information about Armenian Bibles. The American Bible Society has an updated one.
  3. Yes this would be good. To Accordance. The Armenian has another punctuation. This has to be adapted that the search for sentence works.
  4. Hello Katie Dr. J. started this tread You may find some ideas there, not all are fullfilled. Fabian
  5. Hello It would be fine if the Icon im Verlauf (I don't know the english word for this) is with the round corners. Some has it, that means it is possible. Or only the flame without the white surrounding space. Thanks Fabian
  6. To Silas We talked about PDF import. What we discussed here in this tread is also a common problem. If you look at the PDF all looks fine. So the PDF viewer recognizes the language code in the PDF, but not Accordance by the import. In such cases the PDF import has to change the standard Latin characters into the one actually should be. Thanks Fabian
  7. Only to change the form doesn't help. For example some ü in German are in PDFs ü. Looks the same, but is u and ¨ so two characters. Now in all is it u¨ until I change it. You have to do the same.
  8. Thanks I see it. It looks you have the same problem like we with the German Umlaut. To be honest. For me it is a totally failure that the codes for computer are done from people with English languages. Not because they are dumb or so, only because the English alphabet don't have other letters than the Latin (Roman). So they didn't thought about languages like yours and mine. And we have problems until Jesus is coming again. Thats why I always say I don't import PDF into Accordance. For me a much better HTML support with fully HTML5 and Base64 is what I want since years. Unfo
  9. Guntis, it looks like it is in Rosetta not a Roman font.
  10. Try this https://epubor.com/how-to-install-apps-on-kindle-paperwhite-touch.html on the older Accordance website there was the apk, but I don't see it now.
  11. I have told to Rick, it would be good if Accordance mentioned, that Accordance runs on Kindle not only Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B11W5T8/
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