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  1. (2.2.0) I get the same error message. BE Series commentary; click on passage link (i.e. "Luke 2"); click "Go" to expand to ESV text. There are even a number of times that it will crash before the Instant Details passage shows.
  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to do that. I tend to forget to go to the desktop, but that is certainly easier!
  3. In the meantime, you can "share" a highlighted section to corrections at accordancebible dot com with the name of the product in the subject line of the email. I'd rather have to do a bit of work to reproduce the correction report for you than to not get a report on a correction needed. We really appreciate users who take the time to report corrections!
  4. What Acc version are you running? Do you also have the Syntax module? Does just the text give you an error message?
  5. At this point, Jude is the only released volume.
  6. Andrew, I realize these are complicated on your end. And the changes on the new website don't make these upgrades easy. Because the upgrades themselves no longer have their own product pages, it is best to check the informational article for each series. There is a History Chart for the individual volume history. There is a link on each product page, but see if these are helpful: NICNT Article NICOT Article Pillar Article
  7. You are right, Tony, about the updated Pillar set. The Letters of John was updated to a 2nd Edition. However, the pricing on the individual volume was actually incorrect. It should have been $14.40 (current sale is 60% discount on individual volumes and has been changed accordingly.) It was mistakenly priced the same as the 1st edition. So the update itself and the individual volume should have been priced the same (and they are now.) I'm not sure what you mean ("Easy Install appears to have updated the collection") Have you actually upgraded? The upgrade price should be $14.40 and you will
  8. If you're able, remove GNT28-T from your library (trash it), and reinstall through Easy Install. This should ensure the file is completely installed. I don't think there is an issue with the minimum Acc version.
  9. Yes, there are about a dozen places where the KL-GR markup is causing the bad code. We are working on an update.
  10. While there is a change in upgrades as far as the product pages (no longer a separate product page for an upgrade), there is no change in how the upgrades are done. If you previously purchased a set, the new set product page should give you the upgrade price from your current library (make sure you are signed into your account.) Upgrading to the latest collection will give you the latest full set with the new volumes. No need to purchase the individual volumes.
  11. We have an update in the works. There are a few very specific places that disallow the reports.
  12. Thank you. We have added a note to the product page.
  13. Check your Context Slider and make sure it is set to "A" for All.
  14. I think it is correct. "purpos" is the abbreviation for the tagging convention "purposive". If you change your Instant Details preferences to show Full Words instead of Abbreviations, it will show "purposive". I can't tell you, however, what "purposive" actually means for the tagging
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