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  1. Something like this will work when run with Chapter scope. The problem appears to be that you cannot run this query with Sentence or Clause scope. That unfortunately means you get false positives, and a lot of them if you allow for long sentences. Thx D
  2. Hi ya, It used to be in forums that one could see who like posts. I don't see that in the new forums - you can see the count but not who. And I get it if it's a privacy thing but I'm just wondering. Thx D
  3. While I don't dispute that a different browser would be a good choice (I gave up using Safari years ago), my version of Safari is older than Michael's and displays the site ok. The reinstall option might be worth a shot. Thx D
  4. I am now starting to run out of ideas alas. I earlier considered the possibility that Javascript was disabled but I tried the site with JS disabled and it appeared to work ok for simple loading. My next stop would be the dev console in the browser and see what it is spitting out. In my version of Safari you enable the dev console by going to Preferences-> Advanced and checking the "Show develop menu in menu bar". Then go to the Develop menu and select Show Javascript Console. This will open a pane in the lower half of the screen. Make sure you have selected the
  5. Ok. The style data is coming from invisioncic.com. So try removing cached data for that site. Same as for accordancebible but just find the invisioncic.com data. Thx D
  6. Ok good. So your browser is getting the data. The question then is why it's not using it. Trying Joel's suggestion would be the next thing then I guess. Go to Preferences -> Privacy -> Manage Website Data... Select the data from accordancebible.com and click remove. thx D
  7. I made a post to the thread about 45 minutes or so ago. On my Mac where I made the post the it was showing my post as the last on that topic (until a few minutes ago) and showing it at about 46mins ago. Going to my other laptop I see it is showing that as 10 min ago. I don't understand why there would be a difference. Thx D
  8. I don't think it's the age of the machine Michael. I don't use Safari but booted it up to try it out and it renders ok for me. I'm on a Late 2009 iMac running High Sierra (10.13.6) and Safari 13.1 I agree with Scott that it looks like a stylesheet issue but I am not sure what would be preventing it loading. I wonder if you have a firewall issue or something like that (maybe even an extension) which is preventing retrieval of the CSS. All of the css comes from content.invisioncic.com - I wonder if Safari is not happy with accessing that for some reason. If you open the dev
  9. I just got the email saying thanx for downloading lite and offering a discounted basic starter collection to the full version. Thx D
  10. I have noticed that there is a lag in the Recent Topics reflecting the fact that I've read the latest content. It can stay in bold indicating unread content for a little. The old forum would immediately update to indicate it had been read on the first reload. Thx D
  11. Hi ya, Acc 13.1. Mac 10.13.6 I just deleted and reinstalled NRSV - the four NRSV related modules. That worked fine but I then got an email from Accordance saying Thanks for shopping with us. We have finished processing your order and listing the Lite Collection FREE as the only item. Is this expected ? Thx D
  12. This repros on Windows on the latest beta. I don't know what is wrong but it breaks exactly as you describe. As an aside, the pane names I think must have changed from 13.1.5 to 13.1.6 because they are not MT-AFD and MT-AFD.syntax. Thx D
  13. I cannot repro. this on Mac. The search works for me. And I don't have a linked tab Accordance just opens a new one for me and does the search. I'm a bit baffled as what to try next. But I am puzzled by the pane headings you have MT-AFD and MT-AFD.syntax. I can check my Windows install later and see if that's just a porting thing. But it makes wonder about versions - what version of Acc and of the modules are you using ? Thx D
  14. Interesting. I see your point but I expect it is using the lexical form tagged to this occurrence. So it would have to be retagged I would guess. But in context it seems that the word is acting as the aorist of ὀράω, so the tagging is, in that sense at least, defensible. If however the tag were changed οἴδω (not attested it seems) or οἴδομαι would also be choices. εἶδον is a strange lexical entry being listed under the aorist. LSJ takes the approach of listing it under *εἶδω and noting εἶδον as the 2 aor. So I am not sure precisely how it ought to be tagged and then looked up. Both LSJ and BDA
  15. Hi ya, Research produces a really nice summary of hits across many works, with a little bit of context. I often find myself scanning such results and it would be helpful if mousing over words could bring up ID information such as morphology such. The ability to directly amplify from words or verse refs in the research results would also be helpful. Thx D
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