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  1. This worked for me too; I had the same behavior (just showed up randomly today, after working fine for months). Other issues also occurred, e.g., couldn't change books of bible in some panes, and some windows were all wonky. ‘Remove startup session’ and then launch Accordance is the part that worked for me (didn't need to try uninstalling or reinstalling at all)
  2. Hmm...that's interesting. Would one of you be willing to send a screenshot? I wonder if the difference lies in display settings. I just checked, and if reference is "above verse" or book title is not abbreviated, then the bug does not appear Above verse: Not abbreviated title:
  3. When using accordance 13 on Windows 10, I have noticed that when hovering over words in NA-28, the hovering is off by a certain amount, apparently due to the program not taking into account the spacing between the end of the reference (ie, in the example below, Heb. 2:5) and the text itself. In other words, it seems that Accordance is acting as if the space does not exist, so hovering highlights the wrong pixels. The same behavior affects highlighting text to copy and paste. The wrong letters get copied. E.g., Copying the text "Οὐ γὰρ ἀγγέλοις" returns "ὰρ ἀγγέλοις ὑπέ":
  4. Ahh, Matthew works! No updates are available for this module though, at least as far as I can tell. I have been keeping modules up today, and I also just double checked right now and no updates remain. How do I get syntax for the remaining books?
  5. I tried opening it directly from the library, with the same results. I do not have NA28, but I should not need it. This is not the NA28 syntax add-on, but the syntax add on for NA27. (see attached image)
  6. I have bought the Greek and Hebrew syntax modules, and have used them before and they worked fine. I haven't used them in a while, and now I'm having trouble getting the Greek one working: The strange thing is that the Hebrew syntax works fine: Any guesses on one doing wrong? (Using Accordance 12.3.7 on Windows 10)
  7. I followed the instructions for importing a Bible, and overall was extremely pleased with the result! I'm especially grateful for the easy to use user interface. However, I do have one request: When using foreign language Unicode for Bible book titles, most of them appear correctly in the main text, but none do in the little dropdown in the bottom right corner (see attached). Some (or at least one) is not working, in particular those that have letters consonantal subscripts (I'm not sure how to describe this, but it's a feature of Khmer). Note that this only happens when not using Engl
  8. Ok, just ended up surrendering and upgraded to Accordance 12 Full, and can confirm that now copy as appears to work fine. I understand that it makes it harder to troubleshoot, but hopefully this shows what the issue is. Unless I'm mistaken, this isn't mentioned as something that Lite cannot do, and furthermore, the option isn't grayed out, so please consider adding it to Lite or changing the docs (and the right-click menu)
  9. Thanks for reporting your experience. If anyone is still interested, I'm currently using VirtualBox 5.2.18 with a Windows 7 guest and Ubuntu 18.04 host, with Accordance 12 Lite, and it is very fast, just as fast as when I used Mac.
  10. I did a basic word search (for a specific example, I searched =הַ =מְרִי in BHS-4, though this behaviour occurred in other instances as well) and tried to use some of the "Copy As" features, but nothing worked, both trying the hot key (eg ctrl+alt+r) and using the right-click menu. It allows me to click the option, but then nothing gets carried over into the clipboard. Is this something that comes up only for Accordance Lite? What Works: Regular copying (Ie ctrl+c), Transliteration, Instant Details, Location URL What doesn't Work: Every other "Copy As" option Accordance 12.3.4
  11. Hello, I have a hard copy of 1986 NICOT Isaiah by Oswalt and 1986 NICOT Isaiah by Oswalt, but by the time of ch. 13 (in vol. 1), they are about 130 pages different. I checked a sample of pages from the front of the book, and they matched, but somewhere along the line they must be different. Thanks!
  12. Now that you mention it, it is in a popover menu. Sorry for posting this, I had seen others mention the popover problem, but didn't realize mine was in that mode since I hadn't purposefully set it to popover mode. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hello, When I try to rearrange my library it does not let me. It simply will not drag and drop. Also, sometimes the "texts" category does not expand so that I can see all the texts; I have to restart Accordance. Thanks!
  14. Great, thanks! For some reason, I tried searching the help database for "punctuation searches" and that kind of thing, but nothing came up. But this is perfect!
  15. Hello, I am trying to do a study on Greek interrogative sentences, but could not figure out if there was a way to search for punctuation marks (such as the semicolon). I wanted to do a search in order to survey when the GNT has interrogative sentences marked out, which would be a good launching point for this study. Is there a way to configure the syntax search to do this kind of thing, or perhaps is there a way to search for punctuation? Thanks!
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