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  1. I use Ulysses for all my writing and it is highly integrated with iCloud and the result is a stunning experience going between Mac and iOS - I also have Scrivener which relies on Dropbox and I stopped using it because the sync process is so poor (and relies on Dropbox) that said Accordance isn't a writing programme and the sync requirement is much lower - I do think Joe makes a good point about iCloud being one of several options... We all need Accordance to remain a viable company so I accepted they have to do what they believe is right for the market place - I am sure
  2. I really agree with this point - displaying graphics is the weakest part of Accordance and it could do with some "love"
  3. I was a bit shocked by how light it was initially but now I have played around a bit I think it is 'ace' I also realised when the site was down for four days how much I look forward to checking in every day and I really missed that...
  4. I think that is a little harsh - key accordance staff are incredibly engaged and active on this forum and also in responding to questions during the webinars (which have been an almost weekly event) - these ways allows a larger group discussion - but they aren't the world's biggest company and I imagine individual emails are harder to devote that much time on... why don't you put up your questions here and see if the wider community helps answer them?
  5. That would be great (and I do support Sefaria - very much so)
  6. Personally I don't know what value a web app would bring - if it provided more functionality than the iOS one then I would use it (as the iOS app doesn't really work for me - I know it does for many) - my main concern is Accordance stays in business and continues to develop the macOS/Windows app and continues to bring out new and improved modules
  7. Does anyone have a view on Echoes from the Past: Hebrew & Cognate Inscriptions from the Biblical Period? I have several Carta modules but always think they are expensive for what you get - is this different?
  8. Yes please - it still wouldn’t be the MacOS version but it would make it the most advance e-reader ever invented!
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